Barbara Wright Design can help practices achieve a spa-like theme in the dispensary.
CNS Frame Displays include sleek lines and bright splashes of color.
The Provence collection from Fashion Optical Displays will work for practices looking for inspiration from the French countryside.
Magic Designs’ Intersections collection is available in a range of colors and finishes.

The furnishings within an optical office have a great impact on the practice’s image.

There are many factors that affect the success of an optical business. Patient service is top priority, of course, but have you considered the furniture in your retail space? That’s right, furniture has an effect on your professional image, or what business professionals call your “brand image.” When patients walk in, the first thing they see is the display furniture and chairs. If the furniture looks shabby and worn, you may be giving a bad impression, or leading patients to wonder if this is a modern and skilled practice. The way to avoid this problem is to project the image you want through your office décor.

In order to do this, you have to decide what image you want to project. While that sounds simple, many offices don’t give this a bit of thought, others buy décor in bits and pieces so that it doesn’t make a unified statement and tends to confuse the onlooker. Select an image that best represents you, like classic, elegant, futuristic, medical, casual, artistic, hip, innovative, or something else that suits your preferences.

You may want to depict an image based on the location of your office and your clientele. Are you in a rural or urban area? Are you oceanside or in a western town? Is your patient base made up of older, retired individuals or are you marketing to a younger crowd of college students or teens? Instead of hoping your space leaves a positive impression by chance, take control of your image by purchasing items that clearly reflect it.

When a patient steps into your optical space, they should feel calmness and orderliness. Nothing is out of place or chaotic. If this describes your vision, then using Magic Design’s Classical Traditional furniture collection might be just the right line for you. Magic Design also offers the Intersections collection, which is part of its Total Package service. Available in a range of colors and finishes, Intersections pieces can accommodate the company’s Flight System or any of its locking or non-locking rods. The warm-yet-modern line of fixtures includes wall showcasing, freestanding showcasing, wall cabinets, wall displays, reception desks, seating, and lighting.

A traditional image doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring image. If you’re eager to portray a rustic, old-world feel in your space, the Provence collection from Fashion Optical Displays will fit the bill. The coordinating dispensing table, credenza, and security collection showcase all have curved wooden legs reminiscent of furniture from the French countryside. The matching wall displays bring the feel of the room together. Tiles or stone on the walls or floor go nicely with the theme, which can easily be seen as both casual and elegant.

Are you looking for a contemporary image? Perhaps your office is in an urban location or your optometrist has a lot of younger patients? Well there is no better way to portray a modern image than with modern furnishings. CNS Frame Displays can assist with an entire dispensary design easier than you might think. Their fast and easy plan operates in seven steps from design to production and is a snap to help you give your space a facelift. The plan starts with a planning questionnaire, and includes a floor plan design that employs the latest in software design tools and 3D design videos, progressing all the way to production and delivery. The experienced designers at Frame Displays also take into account patient flow so the dispensary will not only look great but will function just as well.

SMALL PEOPLE, BIG PRESENCE Don’t forget the little patients. Many companies can cater to children with kid-friendly chairs and accessories. CNS Frame Displays has several pint-sized chairs, including the cute Pup Chair. The Pup Chair is shaped like a puppy and comes in three bright colors. The polypropylene-based chairs are sturdy and easy to wipe clean. And the company’s Wacky Children’s Table is available in several fun colors and is just the right size for the little ones to sit and color while waiting.

The contemporary designs from Frame Displays include sleek lines and bright splashes of color. When we think of hipster fashion, we often think of retro styles. The geometric bright accents in the art and frame boards jump right from the ’60s and ’70s to modern-day cool. A dazzling lime-green wall with frame boards is a sharp contrast to the clear acrylic and white tables and chairs in the room. Another modern look comes from bright red chairs contrasted with gray and silver furnishings. The designers will assist with furniture, wall colors, and even lighting to complete your contemporary look.

Perhaps an image of peacefulness and tranquility sounds appealing. You may be at the office every day, but you can spend your time in a spa-inspired dispensary. Barbara Wright Design can set you up with your own optical Zen experience. The two-phase design service starts with a floor plan including displays, furniture, ceiling, and flooring layout. The second phase covers the design concept, which includes the optical layout, lighting and electrical plans, colors and finishes for the entire office, and light fixture and furniture specs. This approach ensures your desired image is being communicated to patients. In fact, Barbara Wright Design boasts successfully designing eyecare practices that produce 25% sales increases.

One example of the spa-inspired theme from Barbara Wright includes teak wood furniture, white stone textured flooring, and green marble laminate. The pale green walls contrast with a dash of cobalt blue in the light fixtures. Some offices opt for a calming water wall as well. High Fashion light towers can be made in the same soothing green marble laminate as the reception counter. The spa theme might be just the right feel for a store in California, or even for a midwestern locale that wants to provide a feeling of warmth on a cold winter day.

Choose your furniture theme with care. Your core message should come across to patients in every aspect of your office including your patient care and your office decor. Whether you are interested in an optical store remodel or planning on opening a new store, make sure the space reflects who you are.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.

COLOR-CODED EXPERIENCE Before you change the colors in your dispensary, you might want to consider the psychology of colors. Many believe color has an impact on our emotions and energy. For example, blue portrays peace and calm but can be cold. Yellow is warm and cheery. Green often symbolizes nature and is refreshing. Purple is the color of royalty, bringing thoughts of sophistication and luxury but can also come across as artificial.


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