Dana Fairbanks is director of marketing of Think About Your Eyes Think About Your Eyes, a nationwide public awareness initiative promoting the importance of an annual eye exam and overall vision health. First Vision Media Group (publisher of VCPN) supports Think About Your Eyes as a media partner and provides space for this monthly Guest Editorial.

NBC’s season premiere of The Voice and prime time’s This is Us. NBA Saturday on ABC. Think About Your Eyes kicked off its 2017 campaign in a big way in February with commercials appearing on this high-impact broadcast programming.

Now, with more than 17,000 eyecare professionals (ECPs) and 21 industry and 37 state American Optometric Association (AOA) leadership partners, Think About Your Eyes has expanded advertising to three quarters of the year. Aside from broadcast, commercials will also appear on 25 cable networks through September 24th. Television will be surrounded by digital media, including online audio through Pandora and NPR.

In the third quarter, Think About Your Eyes will again take to high-impact broadcast and cable, appearing on shows such as America’s Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior and Major League Baseball. Continued online audio, video and digital display ads will combine with TV for a powerful back-to-school push.

One of two messages describes how an exam can detect other health issues early and another reminds Americans that ECPs have solutions for digital eyestrain. View them in the Videos and Fun Stuff section of

Think About Your Eyes recently upgraded its website’s industry portal. ECPs can now enroll, renew or upgrade their practice listings; access doctor resources such as customizable appointment and new prospect cards and a poster; and download videos to add to their in-office video loops or to their websites. Special thanks to our partners who have increased their support for 2017, the AOA and The Vision Council, and the rest of the industry partners who are helping grow the industry: International Vision Expo, Alcon, All About Vision, Chemistrie, Eschenbach, Essilor, First Vision Media Group, Gunnar, Hilco, Jobson, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Luxottica, National Vision Inc., Shamir, Special Eyes, Spy, Transitions, Walman and WestGroupe.


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