Luxecel’s 3D-printed custom lenses can be created for the most difficult Rx’s.

Luxexcel wants to revolutionize the optical industry—just the way free-form technology did approximately 15 years ago. The Belgium-based company has developed 3D lens printing technology that enables labs to create custom lenses.

With Luxexcel’s printing platform, labs can manufacture difficult-to-make lenses,  including  prisms, lenticulars, slab-offs and high diopter prescriptions. Labs can also create unique cosmetic designs on lenses such as brand markings or sports figures. Luxexcel provides labs with a “turnkey solution” that includes all required materials, print “recipes,” support and regular maintenance.

In development for eight years, Luxexcel’s 3D lens printing technology was introduced in March at Vision Expo East. The lenses are produced using a printer head that deposits about a billion droplets of a proprietary UV-curable acrylic material for a typical lens, each with a 1.53 refractive index, an Abbe value of 45 and a specific weight of 1.15g/cm3. Tested by Colts Laboratories, the material is ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power compliant and has passed standard industry tests such as the drop ball test.

“After 100 years of practice, the ophthalmic industry makes great lenses. But 3D printing offers the opportunity to now take lens manufacturing and design to the next level by offering a simpler manufacturing technology to the industry and unique products to the end  user,” said Guido Groet, Luxexcel’s chief commercial officer. “With this technology, the ophthalmic industry can start the same revolution we have seen in digital photography or in smartphone development.”

Luxexcel lenses are currently produced in Belgium, but the company has plans to install the printing platform in three labs in Europe and the U.S. in the fourth quarter of this year.

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