Smartphone Technology Powers EyeNetra’s Exam Tools

After being tested on 40,000 people, documented in 19 scientific papers, and following 340 experimental prototypes over the course of four years, EyeNetra can now deliver accurate, smartphone-powered refraction at a low cost. A briefcase-sized kit contains the Netra, a smartphone autorefractor; Netrometer, a smartphone autolensometer; and a lightweight, handheld phoroptor.

“EyeNetra is extending the reach of vision care to empower both patient and provider by improving access and delivering smarter solutions,” said Derek Hatchett, VP of Engineering. “Our first priority is to provide people with access to affordable, accurate, and convenient vision testing.”

Founded by Vitor Pamplona, PhD, Chief Technology Officer; Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab Camera Culture Group Head; and David Schafra, Chief Product Officer, EyeNetra has garnered more than 100 accounts across the globe and expects to grow exponentially over the next two years. Since the “brains” are in the smartphone, there is no need for complicated calibration. Also, software updates can be automatically pushed to the devices, eliminating the need for a costly technician to perform routine maintenance.

While there are some competitors in this space, Hatchett said there is nothing else on the market that can refract, perform lensometry and validate through a phoropter within this price range or portability. The net-net of the faster technology is that ECPs will be able to spend more time with their patients and dispense more eyewear-leading to increased profits.

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