The flattering and fashionable David from Roger Eye Design is the perfect example of how red is a bold color.
Modo’s Derek Lam Style No. DL 244 in red hot red/tortoise is colorful and curvy.
Red nosepads, temple parts, logos, and racing red lenses complement Rudy Project’s Agon and the color implies that the wearer will be a better performer.
For those who prefer just a hint of red in their sunwear, look to Serengeti’s Sophia.
Vintage-inspired Rivington from Corinne McCormack is made of rich acetate and comes in red tortoise.

Bold and beautiful, red is on parade in today’s eye- and sunwear.

Look around and you will see that the color red is making its way into a variety of eye- and sunwear styles. Call it crimson, scarlet, ruby, or cherry, this racy color with its bold appeal is making a splash in the eyewear world.

Sporting red implies that the wearer is daring, playful, and different than those who prefer a subdued color. Optician and eyewear designer Roger Hoppenbrauwers began creating his own brand, Roger Eye Design (distributed in the U.S. by Zowee Wow Distinctive Eyewear), in 2007. All of the models within his collection are made of stainless steel and he loves using vibrant colors. The flattering and fashionable David in red is the perfect example of how red is a bold color.

The continuing popularity of vintage eyewear is standing the test of time, and by adding a modern color like red, the new creation takes on a fresh and enticing look.

Check out Rivington in red tortoise within the new Corinne McCormack ophthalmic collection. This vintage-inspired cutie is made of rich acetate and the combination of color is the perfect mix for the young woman who seeks fashion, quality, and great design.

Another example is in the Derek Lam Collection by Modo Eyewear. Style No. DL 244 in red hot red/tortoise is colorful and curvy. The classic retro shape is uplifting to the face, reminiscent of yesterday’s styles and trendy today.

Red also can play a role in performance eyewear-it can be sporty in style for the active athlete, the mild-mannered player, and even athletic wannabees and bystanders. When red is introduced into sportswear, it implies the wearer will be a better performer because the color represents audacity and a sense of adventure.

The newly released Agon by Rudy Project fits the bill perfectly. The frame color is white gloss with added red features in the temple parts, nosepads, and logos. Made for in-motion activities, the frame also features a new Vent Controller™ that allows just enough airflow, but the cool part is that there are racing red lenses available to complement the performance trend.

For those who prefer just a hint of red in their sunwear, look to Serengeti’s Sophia. This handcrafted acetate frame in red taupe tortoise is appealing and attractive for her. And it’s compatible with the Serengeti Sun Rx program.

Many consumers today strive to live in an eco-friendly environment and feel that we owe the planet this consideration.

Proof Sustainable Wood Eyewear, inspired by the founders’ grandfather who ran a small sawmill in the ’60s, began creating eyewear from wood and other eco-friendly materials. Chaplin in the ECO Collection is made of a plant-based acetate for its red frame front (combined with ebony wood temples). Red has found its way into eye- and sunwear in a big way. Offer it to those who dare to be different.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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