Because it is strong, corrosion resistant, lightweight, and hypoallergenic, titanium is the perfect material to address the issues of durability, comfort, and health when considering new eyewear. It also takes color easily, which results in stylish and fashion-versatile frames. On the periodic table of elements, titanium is denoted by the symbol Ti. Earlier this year ClearVision Optical launched a new premium titanium collection called PuriTi for discerning men 40 and older.

According to the ClearVision Optical, the PuriTi collection was designed with the eyecare professional in mind. It fulfills an industry need for high-quality titanium eyewear at an affordable price. This collection not only helps bridge the gap between luxury and affordability, it reinforces ClearVision’s dedication to the ECP by providing well designed, on-trend, and sellable collections.

The manufacturing process of PuriTi frames involves handcrafting and the use of an innovative ion plating technique that provides strength and color richness. Styles range from classic to contemporary with textured detailing and sleek temple designs and are progressive-friendly. All are 100% titanium with push-on PVC nosepads, integrated spring hinges, and cellulose acetate temple tips.

This six-piece collection, with more styles being added in the fall, is a high-end fashion brand created to complement and address lifestyle choices of men who appreciate and want the outstanding features of titanium.

Style No. 301 is a classic double-bridge navigator with textured accents on the temple. This frame is for the man who wants the timeless double bridge with contemporary detailing. A traditional modified oval, Style No. 302 completes the classic look with tortoise temple tips. The temples sit high so this frame would enhance a long facial profile.

The angles of Style No. 303, a square eyeshape with carbon fiber inserts on the temples, give it a clean, crisp look. Style No. 304 is a modified rectangle semi-rimless with a double-line relief detailing extending from the front of the endpieces to the temple tips. The temples also have architectural temple piercings, which are cut-out sections in the center of the temples making the frame even more lightweight.

Style No. 305 is a modified square semi-rimless with a pin-dot texture inlay on the temples. This frame has a deep B measurement so it, too, would complement a long facial profile. A rectangle with a beveled temple design and a stylish geek/chic look, Style No. 306 will easily segue from an all-business environment to a casual evening out.

Marketing materials include countercards, brand “features” countercards, a hanging banner, brand IDs, and window displays. These P-O-P materials were created to complement each other to reflect the sophistication of the PuriTi consumer while promoting the advantages of titanium.

ClearVision’s PuriTi collection is ideal for the man seeking clean, high-quality eyewear designs that provide both fashionable and functional excellence through sleek, modern designs and technologically advanced construction. And best of all, both you and your patients will find the price point of these frames very affordable.

Dee Carew is a licensed optician and ophthalmic writer in Holland, OH.

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