You see we care, and when we care, you’ll see!” That was the practice mantra that percolated to the top when our new practice started growing by leaps and bounds. We asked ourselves, “What are we doing differently?” The answer was found in what patients were saying. They loved being cared about, not just cared for, and they valued our relationships with them.

It’s common to look for practice management solutions in the latest billing programs and streamlining supply ordering, but the steps we take to build a thriving practice go beyond logistics. Practice success is built on relationships, caring about team members and for patients.

Is your day built around a specific vision need?
• Judy is here to renew her glasses prescription.
• Steve has run out of contact lenses.
• Edith is here for her glaucoma check.

The more we look at patients in terms of their specific complaints only, the more opportunities we miss to illustrate the importance of an annual eye exam and the role of their primary eyecare provider as part of their overall health.

A recent Think About Your Eyes survey showed that nearly one-third of all patients who visited their eye doctor in the past year did so because they needed an updated prescription or to order new contact lenses. The same survey, however, showed that 71% of patients are concerned about their eye health.

In caring for patients, it’s our duty to ensure we’re communicating the importance of annual eye exams in multiple ways, but our efforts can only go so far. Luckily, optometry has Think About Your Eyes reaching our patients wherever they consume media – TV, radio and online. The sole message of the campaign is encouraging patients to schedule an annual eye exam and prioritize their vision health. This media message helps build relationships with present and future patients.

Currently, more than 19,000 doctors are listed on the online locator, supporting this important campaign that supports our industry. I challenge doctors to prioritize supporting Think About Your Eyes in 2018 to continue to promote this important message.

Ann Hoscheit, OD, is a consultant with EyeBridge Consulting Associates and provides patient care at Cherryville EyeCare in Cherryville, NC. She is among the more than 19,000 optometrists listed on the Think About Your Eyes online locator. First Vision Media Group is a media partner of Think About Your Eyes.


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