These eight features help your optical Dispensary run more optimally.

Whether you have recently decided to change your software program, have not thought about it in quite a while or have been putting off the commitment to implement one, the timing couldn’t be better to step up your practice management game. Here are eight great features that update your practice.

One way for eyecare professionals (ECPs) to ensure success in business is to invest in an up-to-date practice management software system. To remain competitive, it is critical to have access to patient data on demand, precise control of your entire inventory and the ability to seamlessly conduct transactions. With the plethora of choices, finding the software that matches your needs can take some time. Many share similar features, so shop around. We’ve culled some cool features of programs to highlight the latest in practice management.

Single Exam Screen

Positioning itself as eyecare’s business partner for 31 years, Compulink Advantage offers an all-in-one solution for EHR, practice management and optical. The software’s unique OneTab EHR technology lets you document an entire exam from a single screen. Plus, it is MACRA-ready and offers a one-hour support-response guarantee.

Loyalty Program

For those ECPs who may already have a stellar EHR and are searching for a heavily fortified optical program, consider FlexSys. Its FlexOptical software can stand on its own, or it can be configured to integrate with numerous EHRs, enterprise level practice management systems and ophthalmology-friendly billing programs. Key features include order-ready text and email notification, direct communicated lab integration, simple-to-use vision plan chargeback postings and a newly released patient reward/loyalty program module.

Budget Friendly

If you are in the market for an optical-only program without a hefty price tag, First Insight recommends its E-Z Frame Platinum program. While also offering more advanced and complete office options, this baseline program provides patient data recording, scheduling, invoice billing, cash drawer reconciliation and add-on modules for electronic claims integration. Additional features include the ICD-10 compliant selection tool, electronic communications and
a perpetual inventory-management module. When it’s time to upgrade, E-Z Frame data can easily communicate with other First Insight MaximEyes EHR software.

Easy Integration

OfficeMate interfaces with various lab ordering, certified software partners and medical software systems. Integrated support sessions and training videos are available via the company website to educate new hires or receive answers to advanced level questions. For those providers who are VSP affiliates, OfficeMate allows for a no-cost interface via Eyefinity for claims and lab order processing. The program seamlessly integrates with Eyefinity EHR and is also compatible with ExamWRITER electronic medical records.

Optimal Coding

Practice Director from the Williams Group offers a complete program that encapsulates complete data efficiency where all patient information is integrated among the EHR, optical, scheduling, accounting, recall system and insurance claim processing. From the exam side, documentation and coding are streamlined to maximize insurance reimbursements with an exam score summary to ensure that you don’t code your exams under or over bill.

Patient Engagement

Revolution EHR offers a time-saving patient engagement feature that provides patients with direct access to their records through an interconnected log on. Items such as patient records, account balances, optical order status updates and other pertinent information can be shared directly with your patients. This saves an enormous amount of time and greatly reduces patient phone calls to check order status and other easily answered questions.

Free Trial

My Vision Express from Insight Software LLC features the ability to check appointments, orders, exams and more from any smartphone or tablet, offers unlimited computer connectivity for larger practices, integration with over 200 industry-related medical devices, and best of all, a free trial. The program can be used for optical-only, single-user locations, all the way up to the busiest multi-location medical practices.

Weekly Webinars

EMRlogic Systems offers the activEHR platform to service your ECP needs. Its website is user friendly, with unique features that include weekly webinars and real-time recorded videos presented as Screencast trainings, where novice and even seasoned professionals can brush up on their activEHR skills and learn about new improvements.

Frank Gimbel is an advanced certified ABO optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.


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