Launching at Vision Expo East this month, AdlensFocuss™ adjustable eyewear for near, intermediate, or distance vision is poised to become a long-term alternative to classic progressives.

With cutting-edge compression technology and an option to correct for astigmatisms, the new AdlensFocuss “stands alone in its combination of custom prescription, original style, and adjustable power,” stresses Dr. Graeme Mackenzie, Adlens’ director of industry and regulatory affairs. The Variable Power Optics (VPO™) technology behind the new eyewear premiered in a commercial test as CustomFocuss™ last year. AdlensFocuss will be rolled out to select ECPs in in the U.S. in June.

The latest product from a leader in the adjustable eyewear market provides a field of view that is four times larger at all distances than traditional progressives. The wearer flicks a small dial hidden inside the handcrafted frame (designed to look like a regular pair of glasses), which has pre-set stops so she can easily switch to near, intermediate, or distance. “The revolutionary technology gives wearers some control back over their vision,” Mackenzie says. Where progressives require the wearer to tilt his head to see at different distances and experience large portions blur and distortion, AdlensFocuss™ does not.

Ranging from -6.00D to +3.50D with up to a -2.00D cylinder, the lenses are treated with a quality hydrophobic AR coating and have a high-index resin. According to the company, ECPs who have gotten a first glimpse of the new product have embraced it. ECPs can see for themselves at Vision Expo East, #4934.

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