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ECPs can take advantage of a wide array of offerings in the ever-increasing popularity of glare-fighting lenses.  

Whether lounging by the pool, boating on the open water, or catching up at a friend’s barbeque party, polarized lenses make outdoor activities more enjoyable. Their ability to reduce the sun’s brightness and glare makes them the ideal lens for crisp outdoor vision, and their popularity has only increased over the past decade. Here’s why.


Polarized lenses decrease sun glare, improve visual acuity, enhance color saturation, and block harmful UV rays from the sun. From a driving perspective, polarized lenses significantly reduce eyestrain when compared to non-polarized sun products, and can even prevent glare-related car accidents from occurring. Anglers use them to see deep into the water, helping them spot the fish they hope to catch.


Some polarized lenses have their polarizing filter laminated between two pieces of lens material, but newer technologies encapsulate the polarized film within the lens material so that it can’t separate. This is a good point to bring up with a patient who complains about an older design. These latest lenses are durable, and many have super-tough front surface mirrors and fancy backside AR treatments. Some polarized lenses, however, have their filter coated or bonded to the lens surface. But no matter how the polarized lens is manufactured, it’s the resulting improvements in outdoor visual comfort and clarity that patients will appreciate.

Originally, polarized lenses were limited in color to mostly gray or brown. This became a massive stumbling block at the dispensing table when a patient requested a color matching a fancy, designer plano sun lens for her new Rx. Today, there are an abundant amount

of color options, including gradient polarized lenses, to make that same fashionista sing your praises to all her friends when she steps out in her new designer Rx shades.


Polarized lenses can be incorporated into any sale by adding a clip-on into the mix, or with Transitions Optical, Inc.’s Transitions Vantagephotochromic lens option, which is available in a variety of materials and designs. Not everyone wants multiple pairs
of eyeglasses so having options is advantageous at the dispensing table.

Clip-ons can be as simple as the traditional peg style with a spring-style bridge. They can often be purchased in a universal kit and can be kept in a small area of your office. Other styles can be custom made to match any frame. Chemistrie Sunlenses from Eyenavision, Inc. are a great option that embed micro-magnets into the lenses and cleanly allow the wearer to tack on his clip with ease. Eclips, LLC has other custom polarized clips to consider. The company has two unique products: the Flip, where the clip-on flips up, and Eclips 3, which incorporates a flexible memory metal bridge.


All the major lens companies offer polarized lenses. Available lens products with polarized options include Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.’s premium polarized ZEISS lenses; HOYA Vision Care, North America’s iD LifeStyle 2 Harmony and Clarity lenses; Essilor of America, Inc.’s Xperio UV lenses; Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc.’s SEIKO Wrap Tech Thin lenses; Shamir Insight, Inc.’s Shamir Attitude IIIFashion; Younger Optics’ NuPolar lenses; and KBco The Polarized Lens Company’s gradient polarized lenses. In addition to the options listed above, patients can also order polarized lenses in plano, prescription single vision, flat top bifocals, trifocals, progressives, and even as free-form products.

These days, polarized lenses are the popular lens of choice for anyone spending time outside. Be sure to recommend them to all your patients. Once they’ve bought them, they’ll never return to ordinary tinted lenses again.

Francis Gimbel, Jr. is a licensed optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.


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Eyenavision, Inc. 888-321-3939 • eyenavision.com

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