Eyemaginations’ ECHO Favorites iPad app helps ECPs explain complex problems, conditions, and treatment options to patients.
IN THE WAITING ROOM Wouldn’t it be nice to have something interesting and informative for your patients to view while they wait for their appointment? Daytime soap operas and talk shows don’t always cut it. Consider replacing them with some eye-related videos streaming on a TV screen or monitor in your waiting area.
ANYWHERE ANIMATION Digital-Eyes Ophthalmic Animations for Patients includes more than 90 animations of eye anatomy, conditions, and treatments available through the American Academy of Ophthalmology. All animations are available in English and Spanish. These can be used chair-side, on a website, or in an electronic newsletter. The animations can be downloaded and played on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A one-year subscription includes all of the animations and any updates that become available. New procedures or equipment that your practice is offering can be highlighted with a link in an email or newsletter as well.
OptikamPad software consists of four modules: measurements, frame selection, lens demo, and augmented reality, all easily accessible via iPad.

Keeping patients educated can be a breeze if you use digital resources effectively.

Educating patients and sharing information with them is an important part of eyecare delivery. Thanks to digital technology, it’s never been easier to accomplish this. Here are some effective ways to educate patients through digital means in your dispensary, the waiting room, the exam room, and even in their own homes.

What better way to offer education to patients at any time than on your own website? EyeMotion™ Multimedia for Eye Care Professionals offers website design for ECPs, and the EyeMotion Video Learning Center offers dynamic education animations for use on ECPs’ websites.

The ECP chooses from a wide range of categories, including conditions, diseases, optical, procedures, contact lenses, and the art of eyewear. The Education Center is frequently updated, and any new animations are automatically added to your animation library without an additional fee.

Website-based education can be valuable both before and after an appointment. Patients calling to schedule a contact lens insertion and removal appointment can be directed to view the animation before their appointment. Patients diagnosed with cataracts or blepharitis, for instance, can be encouraged to watch a short animation about their condition online when they get home.

If you’re looking for one product to present digital education before the appointment, during the appointment, and even after the visit, then ECHO from Eyemaginations fits the bill. Eyemaginations has been providing high-quality patient education materials for years. It’s easy to upload videos to your website anytime through ECHO, with simple clicks and no complicated codes to enter. In the waiting room, ECHO offers silent videos, called vignettes, to help create a peaceful environment. Topics range from straightforward health messages to fun facts and trivia.

Moving into the exam room, the ECHO Favorites iPad app becomes a digital sketchpad to accompany the ECP’s explanation of complex problems, conditions, and treatment options using compelling visuals and animations. From demonstrating anatomical pictures to drawing on-screen, to playing educational videos, the ECHO Favorites iPad app is quick and easy to use. Finding a favorite presentation for a patient is as simple as one click on the tablet, leaving more time for you to focus on the patient.

Patients can even get an email directly from ECHO when they get home, to reinforce the information about the condition or procedure discussed at the visit, which is sure to increase understanding and compliance. The email can be branded with your practice’s information and the patient can share the video with friends and family. Think of an ECHO email as a digital brochure intended to increase awareness of your practice throughout the community. The ECHO Favorites iPad App is free to download, but use requires an ECHO professional license.

Once the patient has an eye exam and is ready to purchase eyewear, you’ll want digital education in the dispensary as well. One way to get this checked off your list is with the Optikam digital dispensing system, which is now enhanced with the flexibility of the iPad.

The OptikamPad solution is completely portable and can be used anywhere the optician works with patients, from the frame board to the dispensing table. The software consists of four modules: measurements, frame selection, lens demo, and augmented reality, all easily accessible via iPad. When a patient asks why some lenses are more expensive than others, the OptikamPad lens demo module explains how thick the lenses will be, how the lenses will look with and without anti-reflective treatment, and how progressive lenses function. The effects of photochromatic, polarized, sun, and fashion-tinted lenses can also be effortlessly demonstrated. The Augmented Reality Module simulates real-life situations such as outdoors or in an office setting with various lens options, either with photo comparisons or live video.

Social media is an area to remember when it comes to patient education. Once you get your practice on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social media platforms, remember to stay visible. Establishing a successful social media image might require just five to 10 minutes a day, during which time you can schedule posts for the day, perhaps a few educational facts or trivia. For a small fee, you can “œboost” a post on Facebook in order to gain more exposure to targeted audiences. A post with a cartoon, survey, or other visual is likely to grab more attention from viewers. Once you have an image for your practice, don’t be afraid to inform your patients and friends that you are out there. Including the links to your social pages on your website and in your emails is a great place to start.

Visual learners may prefer to see a video or image to teach them something, especially when there is new data to understand. Combining information like a diagnosis or procedure with a well-designed piece of animation or picture will help visual learners to understand the material. Adding sound to the animation with the ECP describing or explaining the eye concern should bring patient understanding up another notch.

Building a name for your practice as a true educator is a real possibility in this digital era.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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