Shamir’s Attitude III – Sport sun lens is perfect for those who enjoy participating in outdoor sports.
Attitude III – Sport is a unique progressive lens that produces a wide clear distance even in 10.00D-base wrap frames.
SUN LENS COUSINS Don’t think that this lens is just for wrapped frames. It is just as easily used on a standard frame because Shamir Insight, Inc. has also developed two cousins of the Shamir Attitude III — Sport. The Attitude III — Fashion is for your typical relaxed outdoor patient. This progressive lens works well for driving, dog walking, sitting on the beach, or relaxing in a park. There is also a single vision version called Attitude III — SV. The Shamir Attitude III line has a lens for every patient in your practice.

Shamir’s Attitude III – Sport progressive lens is ideal for wrap sunglasses.

Shamir Insight Inc.’s Attitude III – Sport sun lens brings myriad innovations to wrap sunglasses. This new lens is perfect for those who enjoy participating in outdoor sports-from the novice to the most athletic.

Attitude III – Sport is a unique progressive lens that produces a wide clear distance which even in large-size 10.00D base wrap frames can give patients clear peripheral vision. Outdoor sports enthusiasts don’t often read or perform near viewing tasks so what they really need is to see clearly at mid-range. That’s what Attitude III – Sport delivers-an adequate near zone and an enhanced intermediate zone. This “safety zone” allows for perfect and accurate fast-moving use.

Shamir says this is the softest design it has produced in a multi-powered lens. That’s good news for sports enthusiasts because any noticeable distortion could easily interfere with their efforts to deal with fast-moving activities like keeping an eye on a baseball, tennis ball, speedboat, etc.

Attitude III – Sport uses Shamir’s As-Worn Quadro™ technology. The normally recommended vertex distance of 13mm, pantoscopic tilt of 7Ëš, and panoramic angle of 15Ëš have been changed so that if an ECP supplies the measurements the lens will be designed for exactly how it will be worn.

The ranges for this “as-worn” fitting system are: vertex distance from 5mm-30mm; pantoscopic tilt from 10Ëš-20Ëš, and a panoramic angle from 0Ëš-30Ëš. These parameters help the design better translate the prescription derived from the phoropter to the prescription required in the patient’s sunglasses. This also gives ECPs a lot more freedom of frame choice, from a traditional fit frame to a 10.00D-base wrap frame.

As ECPs, we know that patients have a variety of needs so one lens material does not fit all any more than one sun lens style fits all. Attitude III – Sport is available in seven lens materials including hard resin (ADC materials), Trivex material, 1.56 mid-index, NXT, 1.60 SuperLite™, 1.67 SuperLite™, and Polyplus. While not all lens options are available for every lens material, Polyplus and hard resin come in clear, Transitions Signature™ VII, Transitions Vantage™, Transitions XTRActive, and polarized options.

Shamir highly recommends that a qualified lab produces the complete lens/frame package. This will ensure the compensated lenses are processed so that they fit well in a wrap frame. Shamir also suggests that all orders include the As-Worn Quadro measurements.

Every sport has technical equipment so your athletic patients should have the latest sun lens technology. Shamir’s Attitude III – Sport has you covered.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical on Phoenix, AZ.


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