Vision-Ease Lens’ LifeRx® Light-Responsive D35 Bifocal joins LifeRx 7 x 28 trifocal and the D28 bifocal.

As Transitions and others add products, the availability of photochromics continues expanding.

It’s no surprise that Transitions Optical, Inc., the undisputed leader in photochromic technology, continues to be in the forefront of introducing new technologies in this product category. Known for its everyday lenses that turn from clear to dark when activated outdoors by ultra-violet (UV) light, Transitions also offers an expansive sunwear line.

Introduced in 2005 as Activated by Transitions™ and re-branded in 2009 as Transitions® SOLFX™ lenses, this line of sunwear features two recent additions specifically designed to enhance visual performance for golfers—NEOX® Transitions SOLFX sun lenses and DEFINITY FAIRWAY™ Transitions SOLFX lenses from Essilor of America, Inc.

In addition, the first polarized photochromic to darken behind the windshield of a car, Drivewear® Transitions SOLFX from Younger Optics, is also among the Transitions line of sunwear products. Other products include iRx® Xperio® Transitions SOLFX sun lenses from Specialty Lens Corp. and Oakley® Transitions SOLFX.

Another recent introduction are XTRActive™, the darkest everyday Transitions lenses available. Like Transitions VI lenses, XTRActive lenses adapt in changing outdoor light, but unlike their clear-to-dark sibling, the new lenses have a light tint in-doors, adding a boost to their darkening power outdoors.

While Transitions dominates the photochromic market with a share of over 80%, there’s still a wide selection of products from other companies.

For example, Corning Ophthalmic currently offers three plastic photo-chromic lens products—SunSensors®, SunSensors+, and SunSensors HPC.

Like Drivewear, the Falcon NXT® lens from Julbo Eyewear and Intercast Europe also darkens behind the windshield of a car. This new lens features the BWS (Behind the WindShield) technology, which reacts to visible light rather than UV. Made with Trivex®, the Falcon joins the line of NXT Varia™ photochromic lenses, which includes Zebra Varia for mountain biking and trail running, Octopus Polar Varia for nautical activities, and Camaleon Polar Varia for mountain sports.

Intercast Group, a subsidiary of PPG Industries Srl, has also developed the new Confined Tint technology used to produce Serengeti® NXT Polar PhD™ RX Performance Sunglasses. This new

The Julbo NXT Varia line of photochromic lenses are designed for specific outdoor activities such as mountain biking.

technology places the photochromic dyes in the front 0.9mm concave surface of the semi-finished lens. The polarized film positioned close to the front of the lens reduces the minimum center thickness, and the incorporation of Serengeti Spectral Control® filters out specific colors within the visible light spectrum for crisper color and clearer images. Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. is the exclusive North American supplier of Serengeti Rx lenses, including the new PhD lens. Polar PhD lenses are available in two proprietary Serengeti colors—Drivers® and CPG™.

Rudy Project North America also offers a polarized photochromic lens, the ImpactX™, which sets itself apart by enabling wearers to view LCD screens, such as iPods, GPS devices, and cell phones.

Photochromics remains a growth category, and lens suppliers continue adding to the number of products that you can offer your patients.

John Sailer is Senior Editor of Vision Care Product News.

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