The Marma Eyewear London Collection provides photochromic lifestyle color choices for patients’ everyday lives.

The Marma London Collection is for patients who enjoy technical aspects, quality, and personal styling.

After years of research and product development, the London-based Marma Limited Co. has released a fashionably high-tech sunwear line to the U.S. market through Marma USA. What makes the Marma Eyewear London Collection unique is its combination of classic designs with innovative photochromic plano and Rx sun lens technology.

Twelve avant-garde designs made of lightweight materials from the finest Italian components include six metals and six acetates in three to four colors each. Shapes run from classic aviators and modified pillowed aviators to large pillowed squares and deep rectangles, and have distinctive lens technology variations per each color. The color palette for the metals incorporates gunmetal, gold, brown, navy, white, blue, violet, and red. Smooth plastics are available in havana, brown, navy, white, and burgundy.

The collection’s Dinamica Revolution Sun photochromic lenses range from the most innovative and revolutionary to the classics—color choices include gray, brown, indigo, amber, amethyst, green, and rose. These indoor/outdoor tints are fashionable, functional, and fun to wear. They have an index of 1.55 and are UV absorbent. They darken outdoors to sunwear darkness and fade back with some percentage of color that remains indoors. In addition, the company claims that the lens technology provides a rapid reaction to the sun.

Dinamica Revolution Sun lens technology is offered in prescriptions for single vision and progressive addition designs. Powers range from +3.00D to -3.00D total power in single vision with add powers from +0.75D to +3.50D for progressives. The lenses are also available in 70mm lens blanks for those who choose to process their lenses in-house and/or would like to offer patients additional frame lines.

Marma USA also offers polarized lenses in Air Polar Brown 85 and Air Polar Gray Green 85. These glare-reducing outdoor lenses ab- sorb 85% of visible light. In addition, there are HyperPhotopolor (a photochromic polarized combination) lenses that combine the best of polarization with light-adjusting photochromic benefits. Colors come in brown, gray, green, and indigo. These polarized lens options are also available in prescription and plano.

Knowing the lifestyle of patients is helpful when recommending the perfect lens color. Whether they enjoy in-motion activity, partake in winter activities, or lounge by the pool, there are now photochromic lifestyle color choices for both those who want plano sunwear and those who benefit from prescription sunwear.

Giving patients colorful photochromic lens choices for their lifestyle is easy with Marma’s Eyewear London Collection.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician, and a writer, lecturer, course preparer, and consultant in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.

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