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COMMUTE IN COMFORT Transitions Drivewear
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CLEARER TERRAIN NEOX Transitions from Walman

Photochromics offer an ideal option for patients looking for protection from the sun.

The key to offering the best photochromic solution is to know your patient’s wants and needs. To find out what they are, conduct an in-depth lifestyle assessment, either through verbal questioning, a questionnaire, or both. Your intent is to discover how your patients use their eyes during the day and the environments in which they will be wearing the eyewear, as well as what your patients like and dislike about their current eyeglasses. It’s also helpful to determine patients’ expectations for their new eyewear. Once you have this information, you can offer the photochromic product solutions that best suit your patients.

For patients needing reflective glare reduction, and who enjoy the convenience of photochromic lenses, consider offering them a variable polarized photochromic like Transitions Vantage lenses from Transitions Optical, Inc. This lens darkens outdoors and is virtually clear indoors. As these lenses darken, they also polarize, giving patients crisper, sharper vision outside. Transitions Vantage comes in gray, and is available in a variety of lens materials and designs. Other options include Oakley, Inc.’s photochromic lenses which can turn from clear to gray. In addition, Wiley X, Inc. also offers photochromic lenses in several styles, as does Rudy Project North America in polarized photochromics. While the latter two companies lenses do not turn clear, they do offer a lighter tint indoors.

Some patients have special visual demands requiring lenses with unique features. The NEOX Transitions performance sun lenses from Walman Optical address this need, providing advanced optics to give visual clarity. The green-yellow-to-dark-green color of the NEOX Transitions G22 adaptive lens makes minor adjustments in the terrain clearer, which can help improve performance in outdoor activities. You may also have a fashion-conscious patient who desires the aviator sunwear look. Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green is a great solution for this.

Drivers need lenses that adapt to changing light conditions in the car and outdoors. Transitions Drivewear lenses offered by Younger Optics have a fixed polarized layer providing continuous glare reduction and improved contrast. Its variable tint changes from olive green to copper when inside a car. When worn outdoors, the lenses become dark brown.

Those seeking general eye comfort will appreciate photochromic lenses designed as clear-lens replacements. Look to Signet Armorlite, Inc.’s PhotoViews, Vision-Ease Lens’ LifeRx, Transitions Signature VII, Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.’s PhotoFusion, and VSP Optic Group’s sunsync. These lenses provide all-day light control to soothe eyes in all lighting conditions.

For patients who are especially light sensitive (possibly due to medications, eye injuries, or pathologies) or particularly concerned about eye health, consider a lens with a slight tint to help protect their eyes from harsh indoor lighting. Transitions XTRActive lenses are a great photochromic option that provides extra protection from light indoors, outdoors, and even in the car.

Recommending photochromic lenses is easy, once you know your patient’s needs and the features and benefits of the products available.

Joy L. Gibb is an optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.


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