Ensure a precisely surfaced digital lens while showing patients how they’ll look and see.

By simply taking a picture of your patients wearing their selected frames, these devices automatically
calculate the parameters necessary for today’s digitally surfaced lenses. They can also be used to show your patients how they’ll look in certain frames and how they’ll see through various lens add-ons.

Eyecare professionals (ECPs) can now discard the old-fashioned markers and pupilometers and begin dispensing eyeglasses using computerized technologies that are more appropriate for the digital age in which we live.

From Essilor, two different m’eyeFit digital devices enable ECPs to easily measure patients for an accurate fit. ECPs can also demonstrate various lens designs and materials along with add-ons such as anti-reflection, polarization, photochromics and anti-fog. Both m’eyeFit devices also enable patients to quickly and easily compare multiple frame styles.

The stand-alone m’eyeFit requires no personal computer and measures 11.5 in. W x 8 in. H x 7.25 in. D. The tabletop m’eyeFit Mirror has a smaller footprint. The mirror itself is 4 in. W x 11.4 in. H and stands on a base that is 7 in. W x 5.6 in. D. It does require a Windows-based personal computer. Internet access is recommended for both for registration and updates. Both the m’eyeFit and the m’eyeFit Mirror are plug-and-play, providing a quick comfortable process for the patient and access to advanced personalized lenses in both single vision and progressive for the ECP.

For dispensing digitally surfaced lenses, Essilor’s Visioffice 2 takes all the measurements you need, including the physiological ones (PD, fitting heights, natural head position, eye rotation center) and those of the frame (A, B, DBL, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, vertex distance). It also measures dynamic visual behavior, including leading dominant eye, head/eye movement ratio, stability coefficient and reading distance.

Visioffice 2 also offers a frame comparison module to assist with frame selection and demonstrates the benefits of lens add-ons.

Carl Zeiss Vision offers two devices for calculating patients’ individual parameters — the stationary i.Terminal 2 and the i.Terminal mobile centration system. With the click of a button, the i.Terminal 2 captures your patient’s measurements to 0.1mm. According to ZEISS, the i.Terminal 2 is 60% faster and 84% more accurate than manual techniques. It can be used with any type of frame, including large-size sunglasses and sports frames. Auto-focus technology allows for flexibility in patient positioning, and intuitive software automatically recognizes suspect measurements while permitting optional touch screen operation.

A more portable device is the i.Terminal mobile, which uses an iPad to capture and calculate basic fitting parameters. Requiring no additional accessories such as cameras or flashes, the i.Terminal mobile includes the ZEISS server, which interfaces with practice management software to store patient data.

By snapping just one image of the patient, HOYA’s Spectangle PRO enables ECPs to obtain the advanced measurements required to dispense digital lenses. Monocular PD, seg heights, near PD, pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, frame wrap, along with the frame’s A, B, ED and DBL values are all obtained immediately after taking the patient’s snapshot.

Spectangle PRO’s custom iPad enclosure light source obtains precise corneal reflection measurements, and its patented EY-Stick allows ECPs to capture the patient’s posture without the dotting process or needing to be at the same eye level.

Patients can also select frames and see the results of premium lens options using HOYA’s Spectangle PRO. The Frame Selection module shows side-by-side comparisons of up to four frames , while the Augmented Reality module along with the Lens Demos module demonstrate how patients will see through their new lenses when specific options are added.

Using one image, Optikam captures all measurements necessary for producing digitally surfaced lenses. Its patented EY-stick allows ECPs to use a single frontal image to obtain the following measurements: monocular pupillary distance, multifocal seg heights, near PD, pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, frame wrap (face form tilt), along with the frame’s A, B, ED and DBL values. Optikam uses a light source available on cameras, tablets or its Custom iPad Enclosure light source to capture precise corneal reflection.

The Optikam Cloud Service provides remote technical support assistance, data protection and multi-station licensing. All saved profiles are stored on a secured cloud server. Large offices can extend the use of most functions of the OptikamPad on additional iPads or computers in the office.

The Augmented Reality module assists ECPs in building the lens combination of their patient’s choosing. Allowing them to see how different lens options will impact their vision. OptikamPad’s Frame Selection module allows ECPs to help their patients see side-by-side comparisons of up to four frames.

ECPs can take digital measurements of their patients using the ABS Smart Mirror, while their patients can use the iPad application to select frames and lenses. Functioning as portable digital centration, the Smart Mirror takes all the fitting parameters necessary to personalize digital lenses. By taking the five measurements necessary to optimize free-form progressive lenses, the device ensures accurate lens production.

For trying on frames, patients can make their selections from the dispensary and take up to four pictures or short videos with the Smart Mirror. They can then compare styles side by side along with the option of also emailing friends or relatives to get their opinions.

The Smart Mirror’s augmented reality lens simulator provides animations and images to demonstrate various add-ons for patients, enabling them to visualize how they will see through their finished lenses.

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HOYA Vision Care, North America 800.423.2361 Optikam Tech, Inc. 888.356.3311


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