Essilor claims the Neksia is one of the most user-friendly and productive systems in the world.
MAKE A CHANGE! Times change and you need to change with them or your business suffers. Internet eyewear sales are a good example. While most eyecare offices don’t care for eyewear being purchased over the Internet, it is here to stay. I’m a huge fan of in-office finishing. I believe it is the single best way of combating the ever-growing Internet sale of eyewear on the Internet. Just say the words: “I can have them ready for you while you wait.” Your patients won’t hear those words from the Internet!

Essilor Instruments’ experience in precision edging culminates with the Neksia.

In today’s world, we expect everything instantly. If you want new software, you download it…no need to wait for a package to arrive. Words like “drive-through,” and “while you wait” are so commonplace that we take them for granted. When a patient decides to buy new eyewear, the chance of selling them something will undoubtedly improve if you say the magic words: “I can have them ready for you while you wait.”

Are you looking to add in-office finishing to your practice? Then consider the Neksia™ edging system from Essilor Instruments USA. Essilor explains that it combined years of experience in high performance and precision edging into making the Neksia which it claims is one of the most user-friendly and productive systems in the world.

The unit’s 8.4-in. touch screen allows the user to easily and quickly choose the right function through an icon-based interface. Settings are designed to keep the workflow as smooth as possible. Icon recognition and placement can assure ease-of-use and quick data entry. Fast access settings can bring all job parameters to one screen.

Bevel placement axis accuracy is increased through material-specific cutting algorithms. Once you specify the material type, the Neksia will automatically adjust the wheel speed to provide the best edging and bevel possible, while virtually eliminating slip on high-end, non-glare treated lenses.

Lens centering and blocking are accomplished on an easy-to-use large format work surface with a user-friendly, distortion-free layout guide. The construction of the work surface means no clutter, no parallax issues, and, like the rest of the Neksia layout, is designed to keep work flowing.

The unit’s improved frame tracing means the Neksia can handle tricky bezels, like those hard-to-trace double eyewires, goggles, sports wraps, and older frames that may have some distortion.

Auto-drilling hole recognition makes setting drill positions as easy as pushing a button. Set a drilled lens or drilled demo lens down, and the Neksia can “read” the lens and auto-plot the correct hole placement and size.

With a memory that can hold 1,000 jobs, the Neksia can enable your practice to act like a wholesale lab. If you store jobs as you work, an average practice may still have the job saved even it needs to do a remake within 90 days. This means you can cut the lenses before the patient returns. A remake is rarely a good thing and usually means a patient has been inconvenienced in some way. Having materials ready ahead of time will reduce the patient’s wait time and is a great way to increase overall patient satisfaction.

The job memory function can allow storage of any complex or proprietary lens shapes you create. With personalization a part of nearly every product sold today, this is especially good news for eyecare offices that sell custom work.

The Neksia has fine-tuned every aspect of what makes an edger an edger system. Its simple and effective performance promises to serve your business for many years to come.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA.


Essilor Instruments USA


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