Briot USA’s compact edger knows how to multi-task.

PerCeption delivers a compact, sleek, all-in-one system with multiple functionalities geared for ease-of-use and fast processing. The system delivers a patented new optical tracing technology along with multiple programs for a variety of high-quality finishes on today’s most popular lab work. Perception is also enabled for remote tracing via OMA V3.07 for maximum performance.

Back story
As a leader in edging innovation, Briot prides itself on staying close to customers and providing timely, relevant products that adapt to changing market needs. When it began the discovery process that led to the creation of PerCeption, the company analyzed the market and found a developing trend for optical tracing, and interest in a lower-priced machine with high-end technology and features. PerCeption was created based on this feedback.

WOW Factor
PerCeption features GraviTech, a first in the optical industry, according to the company, with its patented algorithm designed to use a single reference point of a lens (the gravity point) to replicate the shape and create an exceptional first-fit rate. This new technology delivers increased speed and efficiency, and enables a flatter learning curve on edging with a new system. PerCeption boasts shape capture in just three seconds, requires no routine calibrations, and has fewer moving parts which reduces overall maintenance cost over time.

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