There are those who swear by managed vision care, relying on it to bring in the majority of their patients. In fact, it’s what many credited with bringing in enough patients to carry their practices through the Great Recession. Then there are those who eschew managed vision care, believing that it is the scourge of eyecare practices, dramatically reducing their profit margins and attempting to control their choice of frames, labs and lenses along with other decisions.

Most eyecare professionals (ECPs) fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum of opinions about managed vision care, relying on it for some patients while also catering to private payers. For those who see managed care as a positive for their business of vision, a study recently released by Transitions Optical provides new support and additional reasons to back them up.

In addition to the benefits cited for employers and employees in the 2017 Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey, such as the result that 87% of respondents said they would be more likely to stay at a company that offered high-quality vision benefits and Millennial workers were most likely to strongly agree with this statement, the report also reaches conclusions about patients’ perceptions related to lenses.

Conducted by Wakefield Re- search, the study revealed that nearly all employees (93%) believe that their vision plans should provide education about how certain lens options can protect their eyes, and 88% agreed that their vision plans should offer education on the health benefits provided by premium lens technologies.

Also, nearly all employees (95%) said they want their employer to contact them proactively with information on lens technologies, new eyewear innovations and other topics related to eye health, with 58% saying they want to be contacted several times per year. Across all generations, this trend is observed particularly among Millennials.

It would surely be safe to say that patients would also appreciate this information from their ECPs. And with 83% of employees participating in the survey saying they go online to access resources provided by their vision plans and one-third (34%) saying they turn to their vision plan’s website to learn about different lens technologies and frame options, it becomes clear that it is also up to the ECP to provide this information online, and at regular and frequent intervals, in order to continue addressing the needs of patients.

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