MYKITA gets the lightweight job done with Linnea and Olsen, both from its Lite Sun category.
Morel’s Alpha 29 and Alpha 33 feature screw-, coil-, and spring-free hinges on its stainless steel frames, including Style No. 7669.
The ic! berlin screwless hinge system includes Mystical, which offers an adjustable hinge so wearers can adjust the frame’s angles.
Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art. The Icon. Style No. 4339 is a screwless frame that weighs in at less than one-tenth of an ounce.
Style No. 2748 from OVVO employs the company’s patented screwless hinge technology and makes finding the perfect fit easy for patients.
Clariti’sKonishi Flex collection includes Style No. KF8423, a screwless style with a flex titanium nosebridge and carbon fiber temples.

Patients look to ECPs to help them find eyewear that offers style, functionality, or comfort—screwless technology offers all three.

While some new ideas in eyewear construction end up being nothing more than short-lived trends, others introduce concepts that will be in the game for the long haul. And as they stick around, they grow. They expand. They’re improved upon. After a few years, the optical industry may find itself with a new category, nothing short of a phenomenon. Such is the case with the evolution of screwless technology.

One critical benefit of wearing eyewear constructed with screwless technology is the flexibility wearers are afforded as a result of their frame’s, well, flexibility. Morel’s Lightec collection features the company’s patented Alpha hinge system, which features all screw-, coil-, and spring-free hinges on its stainless steel frames. The latest additions to this concept are the Alpha 29 and Alpha 33 collections which will be released in January. “This versatile flex hinge is an element in all of our Lightec frames,” says Thomas Scotillo, product manager. “It’s durable, practical, and easy to work with, while adding a decorative element to the frames’ temples.”

The frames in Clariti Eyewear’s Konishi Flex collection also bring lightweight durability to the screwless eyewear scene with compression mount frames. Style No. KF8423, for instance, has a flex titanium nosebridge and carbon fiber temples. These frames stand up to accidents with the best of them.

When it comes to lightweight options in the screwless eyewear category, another standout is MYKITA. Both the warm and cool lenses of the Linnea and Olsen styles create an expectation that the wearer is about to pick up a light pair of suns, both in terms of weight and sensibility. These styles are, appropriately, from the Lite Sun collection.

Other MYKITA styles include the tow-toned Mason style (a classic aviator from the Decades collection), Osa and Ida (bringing the ’60s and ’80s together in the Lite collection), Eldridge & Sullivan (offering a tropical look to the Decades Sun collection), Joseppa (for a luxurious look, in the Decades Sun collection), Kelly (a circular frame in the Decades Sun collection), and Anteiha & Gaia (old-school meets modern in the MYKITA Mylon collection).

The patented screwless hinge technology used in OVVO Optics’ frames gives wearers a real opportunity for a perfect fit. The company’s hinge tension adjuster features a temple that’s split at the end. Barrels on either end hook to the hinge, and a tab on the temple end can be adjusted 2mm in either direction.

The customizable nature of these metal frames is matched only by their strength. According to the company, the frames can withstand a pulling force of 90 lbs. without breaking or suffering damage. They can endure 300,000 rotations, which is the equivalent of about 205 years of use.

These frames are designed to offer a high level of lens protection, which reveals itself through the functionality of the temples. Here’s how: If the temple is pushed beyond its limit, it pops out of the barrel casings before the lens can suffer any damage. This feature not only adds to the versatility of the eyewear itself, but it allows for tool-free lens mounting as well.

“With European styling and outstanding precision mastered by over 30 years of experience, our screwless hinge technology offers today’s consumer a low-maintenance optical frame with a high-tech look,” explains Artur Pilat, president, OVVO.

The ic! berlin screwless hinge system offers an adjustable hinge, a.k.a. Inclination Hinge Technology, which lets wearers change the angle of their frames up or down, by up to 3° in each direction. “ic! berlin’s frames truly reflect the company philosophy, and can be compared to a performance piece,” says Ralph Anderl, founder and general manager, ic! berlin. “From concept, design, and finishing, each aspect is carefully planned, crafted, and executed. Always improving, our Inclination Hinge system adjusts to the wearer’s unique curves-flexible and forgiving, yet uncompromising in quality, style, and sophistication.”

As important as functionality and durability are, they’re (nearly) nothing without equally innovative design. All of the companies mentioned in this article keep that in mind as they introduce new screwless styles to the general public. And while mod, contemporary styles have grown to be at the top of patients’ list of expectations when it comes to screwless styles, throwbacks and vintage-inspired designs are certainly not uncommon, either.

Silhouette Optical, Ltd.’s Titan Minimal Art Collection brings wearers the aptly named style Titan Minimal Art. The Icon. Weighing in at less than .1 oz. (yes, that’s one tenth of an ounce), this light, flexible, hypoallergenic, and durable frame is offered in several color options. This style is made with the company’s own High-Tech Titanium and has lengthened SPX temple ends.

“The cutting-edge, modern design of Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art, TMA changed the industry with the innovative screwless and hingeless technology and design,” states Kristen McLaughlin, brand manager. “Proprietary materials have made this revolutionary frame possible, as Silhouette’s High-Tech Titanium offers flexibility, durability, and lightweight comfort, unlike any other metal. TMA offers a universal style and is fully customizable to suit the individual wearer to perfection. Less is more; minimalism speaks volumes.”

The technology behind screwless frames varies from one approach to the next, but one thing is certain: This construction style is here to stay and offers new innovations daily.

Rachel Bozek is a writer and editor who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise.


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