All About Vision’s site covers topics including contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, LASIK, low vision, eye diseases, and sports vision.

The Vision Council offers its site’s users categories including ‘Eye Health + Wellness,’ ‘Eyewear Options,’ and ‘Fashion Trends.’

Connecting patients with informative and educational online resources can keep them coming back while making your job easier.

An effective way to make sure patients are continually educated is to utilize existing product and eye health educational materials. These days, most patients are pretty tech-savvy. In fact, it’s unusual to find a patient of any age who doesn’t use a computer at work or at home or have a smartphone. Put patients’ tech-awareness to work and refer them to these online resources. They can obtain useful information at their leisure, or perhaps during the time they might spend in your waiting room.

Covering a wide range of topics, including contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, LASIK, low vision, eye diseases, and sports vision, All About Vision ( has a strong Web presence. Premium lens products like anti-reflective treatments are explained in great detail with photos that demonstrate the effects of the treatment. Within the section about contact lenses, the “Contacts for Hard-to-Fit Eyes” article explains several astigmatic, dry eye, and presbyopic lens options. Meanwhile, the sports vision section includes swim goggles, hunting and shooting glasses, and protective sports eyewear data.

With helpful categories within its informative section for consumers, The Vision Council’s site ( provides eyecare professionals (ECPs) with well-researched, much-needed information to share with patients. The consumer section serves as a resource to the public for information about vision health and eyewear. User-friendly tabs include “Eye Health + Wellness,” “Eyewear Options,” and “Fashion Trends.” “The Eye Health + Wellness” tab includes areas such as “Kids’ Eyes,” “UV Protection,” “Low Vision,” and “Computer Eye Strain.” In addition, the “Eyewear Options” section informs the public about beneficial lens treatments and lens material choices, while “Fashion Trends” explores the latest frame trends for women and men with catchy phrases like “Retro Rock” and “Sporty Pop.”

THE NITTY GRITTY Specific Web sites covering products and eye conditions are also prevalent and helpful. Do you fit Bausch + Lomb contact lenses? has a wealth of information, including a video about applying and removing contacts. Work with any specialty contact lens fits? At, the National Keratoconus Foundation discusses causes, treatments, resources, and more.

On the main page of the American Optometric Association’s site (, ECPs can find sections solely dedicated to serving patients. “Eye and Vision Problems,” “Good Vision Throughout Life,” and “Caring for Vision” provide users with a vast array of topics to explore. “Good Vision Throughout Life” includes data about infant vision, preschool vision, school-aged vision, and all the way up through adult-aged vision.

With a section called “Eye Health & Safety” in a top position on its Web site, Prevent Blindness America ( is ideal for ECPs and patients who may want to delve deeper. “Eye Reports, Research & Studies” features reports from within the optical field and covers the organization’s own Investigator Awards, which are research grants provided to public health projects that seek to put an end to unnecessary vision loss and blindness. Within “Vision Screening & Programs,” The Eye Patch Club is a children’s program offered to support families during eye patching for amblyopia.

Linking your patients with educational resources on the Web will make your professional life easier.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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American Optometric Association
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Bausch + Lomb
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National Keratoconus Foundation
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Prevent Blindness America
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The Vision Council
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