S I L H O U E T T E V I S I O N S E N S A T I O N P R O V I D E S F R A M E S A N D L E N S E S F R O M A S I N G L E S O U R C E F O R O P T I M A L V I S I O N . 

Gone are the days when ECPs had to get lenses for Silhouette frames from another supplier. In response to a need for an independent, complete eyewear package, the Linz, Austria-based company is now offering Silhouette Vision Sensation: lenses designed expressly for its styles.

Produced at the company’s headquarters, Silhouette Panorama lenses include both single vision and progressives for rimless, semi-rimless and full-rimmed options. Silhouette has paid special attention to progressive lenses for its rimless models by optimizing vision to the very edge of the lens. Panorama lenses will come in standard transparent as well as tinted gray, pink, brown, blue and green. Tinted lenses will have a 10% or 25% tint with color progression.

“Usually lens suppliers do not know the design parameters of a frame,” said Jan Rosenberg, CEO. “By producing our own lenses, we know both, and are therefore in a position to produce perfectly tailor-made spectacles for our partner opticians’ customers.”

Already available in several European markets, Silhouette plans to launch Vision Sensation in the U.S. at Vision Expo East in 2018. Opticians will be able to use a Silhouette Vision Sensation app for consultations and ordering.

Larry Enright, director of Silhouette’s U.S. Lens Program, said research and development of Vision Sensation began approximately two years ago after they began offering frames with lenses finished by Shamir: “We will now provide not just a great frame but a complete visual solution that provides the best fit and vision one can experience with our Vision Sensation.”

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