VISTAKON LAUNCHES THE FIRST DAILY DISPOSABLE SIHY CL IN THE U.S. Designed for optimum comfort and eye health, 1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye™ brand contact lens combines narafilcon B, a next-generation, high-performance silicone hydrogel material and HYDRACLEAR® 1, a proprietary formulation of the patented HYDRACLEAR technology with the hygiene, flexibility, and convenience of a one-day replacement lens. According to the company, it also offers the highest level of ultra-violet protection in a contact lens. For more information, contact VISTAKON, Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. at 800-843-2020 or jnjvisioncare.com.


KAT CONTACT TONOMETER OPERATES SMOOTHLY. The FDA-approved Keeler Applanation Tonometer, KAT, aids in glaucoma diagnosis with intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements taken at the slit lamp. KAT uses the Goldmann method of measuring IOP, calculating the force required to flatten a constant area of the cornea using a special prism mounted on a tonometer head and placed against the cornea. KAT is compatible with most slit lamps and comes in a guide plate mounted “T” type or optical body post mounted “R” type. For more information, contact Keeler Instruments, Inc. at 800-523-5620 or keelerusa.com.



THE LED BQ 900 BRIGHTENS UP EXAMS. Haag-Streit’s BQ 900® LED-powered slit lamp delivers improved anterior and posterior viewing compared to other light sources. It enhances patient comfort since its LED light source produces much less of the thermal radiation that dries eyes. LED light is also more homogeneous and provides clearer viewing than traditional, tungsten bulbs. The BQ 900 is imaging ready and has ergonomic controls, with one control for the slit and background lighting. For more information, contact Haag-Streit USA at 800-787-5426 or haag-streit-usa.com.



SYNERGEYES MULTIFOCAL MODIFICATION IMPROVES COMFORT. The Peripheral Blend modification is now available in all SynergEyes® Multifocal lens parameters. The Peripheral Blend modification slightly flattens the lens at the GP periphery and the soft skirt to create a less pronounced landing zone across a broader area of the peripheral cornea. Patients with small corneas, corneas with high eccentricity values, and any patient experiencing discomfort, tightness, or removal issues when all other parameters are optimized will benefit from the Peripheral Blend modification. For more information, contact SynergEyes, Inc. at 877-SEE-2012 or synergeyes.com.


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