We list your practice in our Online 
Acceptance Locator tool, which receives on
 average over 800,000 hits a month.
-Randy Baldwin

Randy Baldwin is the vice president of marketing at CareCredit from Synchrony Financial. He is a marketing and product management executive with more than 25 years’ experience in the optometric, ophthalmic and hearing industries. His team is responsible for engaging with vision and hearing professionals, using patient financing to help both their patients and their practices.

JOHN SAILER: How long has CareCredit been in the optical market?

RANDY BALDWIN: For 30 years CareCredit has helped millions of people access needed and desired care. We’ve expanded from our beginnings in the dental market to include a variety of healthcare services, including eyecare, LASIK, veterinary, dentistry, cosmetic procedures, hearing, orthopedic services and more. More than 28 million accounts have been opened since CareCredit began.
SAILER: How does CareCredit work?

BALDWIN: CareCredit is a credit card specifically for health, wellness and personal care expenditures designed to help consumers access their health and wellness wants and needs. The card is accepted at well over 200,000 healthcare provider and pharmacy locations nationwide. Generally, transactions over $200 receive promotional financing options at enrolled provider locations. Once approved (with a minimum monthly payment required), cardholders can use the CareCredit credit card over and over for themselves, their family and their pets, without reapplying as long as they have available credit.

SAILER: How does the practice accept the CareCredit credit card and assist their patients with applying?

BALDWIN: Practices interested in joining can call 866.853.8432 or apply online at Helping patients apply is easy. Simply have the patient complete a short application in your office or apply online at Your patients will receive a decision within seconds. Your office staff can then process charges to the patient account immediately, subject to credit approval and a minimum monthly payment. Per the CareCredit Provider Satisfaction study (conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, Q4 2016), 85% of providers are highly satisfied with the CareCredit application process.

SAILER: What is the fee structure?

BALDWIN: CareCredit charges a processing fee to providers, which varies by financing option, on each transaction. Providers receive payment within two business days. CareCredit handles billing and collections, reducing provider administrative burden and costs. Like any credit card, loans are non-recourse, meaning that the provider has no liability due to a patient’s inability to pay.

SAILER: How does the provider listing work?

BALDWIN: We list your practice in our Online Acceptance Locator tool, which is available on our website. The locator tool receives on average over 800,000 hits a month.

SAILER: Other than enabling patients to afford eyecare and eyewear, what are the unforeseen benefits for the patient and ECP?

BALDWIN: For patients, CareCredit helps people get the care they want when they want it for themselves, their families and their pets without delay. Promotional financing options and convenient monthly payments provide financing resources they can use again and again for health expenses as credit becomes available. In CareCredit cardholder surveys, people like the idea of a separate credit card to help them manage their healthcare expenses, which frees up people’s general purpose cards for their day-to-day expenses. According to the Chadwick Martin Bailey study, 95% rate CareCredit a good, very good or excellent value.
Practices have a solution for out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and co-pays that enable patients to pay over time, while the practice receives payment within two business days. By accepting CareCredit, providers will be making a payment option available to their patients, which helps patients fit payments into their monthly budgets. CareCredit provides office staff with personalized orientation and training webinars, all the tools they need to present CareCredit to their patients, research on cardholder engagement, plus the materials staff needs to quickly and efficiently process applications.
CareCredit also takes care of billing and collecting while providing other helpful resources. We supply free patient education material and send an average 50 million “marketing connections” each year to cardholder and consumers through our direct mail and email efforts, educating them about how they can use their CareCredit credit card. CareCredit offers an online payment calculator and presentation chart that demonstrates how easy it may be to fit care into a patient’s monthly budget.

SAILER: Any other unforeseen benefits?

BALDWIN: Per our Chadwick Martin Bailey CareCredit Provider Satisfaction Study, 77% of providers strongly agree that CareCredit helps patients move forward with treatment or accept a full recommended treatment, and 74% of providers would 
recommend CareCredit to friends and family.

SAILER: Can you describe CareCredit’s charitable giving to the optical community, for example its grants to the AOA’s Optometry Cares InfantSEE program?

BALDWIN: Through CareCredit’s Caring Communities program, we believe that living well starts with a healthy community. While we do provide funds for the AOA’s Optometry Cares InfantSEE program, we are also proud to support the efforts of organizations that are going above and beyond to help others make a positive impact in the communities they serve, including Breast Reconstruction Awareness, Camp Discovery, Canine Companions for Independence, Give Kids A Smile, Junior Achievement and Special Olympics.

SAILER: Is the company introducing anything new?

BALDWIN: To help satisfy consumers’ ever-increasing desire to use technology to access information and services quickly and easily, CareCredit has innovated with tools such as the CareCredit Mobile App, Pay My Provider, CareCredit Direct and CareCredit Pro. The simple and convenient Mobile App allows cardholders to access a digital version of their CareCredit card, manage their accounts, find enrolled providers that accept CareCredit and set notifications to receive alerts. The app has more than one million downloads with more than 14 million visits to date, and we are always adding new functionality. Pay My Provider is a secure online payment portal that allows cardholders to pay their outstanding balances with their CareCredit card at any time, from anywhere. CareCredit Direct is a private and secure digital experience that allows patients to apply for financing and get a credit decision immediately without leaving the provider’s office. Patients can also calculate their monthly payments based on the promotions a provider accepts. Once approved, patients can use their CareCredit card for same day services, if needed. CareCredit Pro is a secure online program that gives providers access to credit applications, transaction processing, credit line increases, reports, a payment calculator and marketing resources.

SAILER: Anything else important to note about your patient financing plans?

BALDWIN: CareCredit has more than 10.5 million cardholders, and nearly every day more than 14,000 people apply for a CareCredit credit card to help pay for the care they want. A high 87% of people who qualify for special financing use the deferred interest option, and a vast majority of those pay off the promotion prior to its expiration, thus paying no interest. A reduced APR equal payment plan is also typically offered. CareCredit is committed to ensuring that our deferred interest products are transparent and easily understood by consumers, and, importantly, that our consumers understand how to avoid paying interest. Based on our consumers’ feedback and our own data, we are confident that we are meeting this commitment. Our full terms can be viewed at Anyone thinking about applying for a CareCredit credit card or any other credit card, should carefully explore their options so that they can make an informed decision. The CareCredit healthcare credit card has earned the highest Net Promoter Score of credit cards measured.


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