Jens Boy was appointed president of Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc., a leader in ophthalmic lenses, coatings, vision diagnostics and optical services, to lead growth and market strategy for North America. He combines a track record in achieving growth with a passion for helping doctors optimize patient care. With 22 years in the medical device industry, he’s held executive roles in the fields of dental implants, anesthesia, patient monitoring and surgical equipment, cardiac and trauma care, spearheading growth and strategy in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

ED DE GENNARO: What is your vision over the next five years?

JENS BOY: Carl Zeiss has a 170-year legacy of innovation, and we’re a technology leader in virtually every field of precision optics. For example, two out of three microsurgeons around the globe use equipment from ZEISS to perform cataract surgeries, and we have technology that measures to 1/100th of a human hair. Our technology spans the continuum of patient care for the optics industry. We strongly believe that ZEISS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in this industry, especially as it moves into an increasingly digital age.

We provide diagnostic solutions that ultimately lead to a patient-specific analysis of the eye and lens solutions that allow eyecare professionals (ECPs) to generate a truly custom solution for the patient. My strategy going forward is to move the company away from being solely a lens provider to being a solution provider for the entire continuum of care in an office.

ED: How do you plan to use ZEISS’s strong worldwide name recognition in your strategic plan here in the U.S.?

JENS: ZEISS is fairly well known in the U.S. as a result of the span of industries in which we find ourselves. ZEISS has precision technology embedded in hundreds of millions of products on the planet, from semiconductor chips to surgical microscopes, and millions of ZEISS-branded products in consumers’ hands, from camera lenses to binoculars and eyeglasses. Going forward, we will use the diagnostic equipment line as well as the individualized patient-specific solutions that are generated through our diagnostic equipment and translate those into patient-specific lens solutions. What we’re changing as a company is our approach to the market. It’s ZEISS’s objective to become a holistic solution provider that covers the entire continuum of care. In this way, we’ll bring the best solutions of the entire organization to ECPs.

ED: Are you suggesting that the instrument division (Carl Zeiss Meditec) and the lens division (Carl Zeiss Vision) will somehow be combined?

JENS: There is a unique experience on the ZEISS Meditec side and the Vision side that offers incredible value to our customers. We are using the experience of both organizations in a more holistic way. ZEISS Vision’s line of exam lane instruments, custom prescription technology and innovative lens design pairs well with the Meditec portfolio of medical diagnostic, image management and surgical solutions. Together, ZEISS Vision and Meditec portfolios offer our customers opportunity for innovation in every aspect of their practices. Our collaboration allows for customers to enjoy a rewarding ZEISS experience while enhancing their practices and providing state-of-the-art patient care.

Carl Zeiss Vision currently has a robust sales force to support our lens and coatings business and will be adding additional sales resources to handle the specific needs of the digital and diagnostic side of the business. We’re also elevating the knowledge level of our traditional sales organization so that they take a holistic approach when working with customers. This is a strategy used in other medical/surgical device industries. In this model, you have the traditional business development representative who has a close relationship with the customer and, as specialized knowledge is needed, you add a specialist to the team.

One of our most important assets is the relationship of our business development representatives with their customers. They understand the individualized needs of the ECP and their practice, and we want them to help ECPs grow their practices and when needed, they will bring in the specialized resources under the Vision Care Group.

ED: How do you plan to make the ZEISS brand a household name in the U.S. like it is in Europe?

JENS: We see opportunities in every market globally, and we’re demonstrating significant growth in all those markets. One of the things that is occurring in this industry right now is that patients are looking for individualized solutions, and they want a better eyecare experience. We believe our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of patients because they provide a personalized imprint of a patient’s eyes that is translated into a patient-specific lens solution. This is something unique to ZEISS.


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