The Essilor Instruments Pro-E 600 edger cuts lenses in two ways, with abrasive wheels and milling.

Operated using an intuitive interface that makes it immediately operational, the new Pro-E 600 edger from Essilor Instruments enables even the most inexperienced operators to edge some of the most complex jobs. Using two lens edging techniques, abrasive wheels and milling, the edger can cut organic, mid- and high-index, polycarbonate, Trivex and Tribrid materials into the most difficult shapes.

The tabletop edger requires no vacuum or compressed air, interfaces with laboratory management software (ISO 16284) and can be connected to Essilor tracer-blockers as well as to the Essibox information hub that collects and processes information from a range of mechanical and computerized equipment. As an option, it can also incorporate M’Eye Sign for engraving lenses (see Noteworthy January 2017 VCPN).

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