The Coburn HPE-8000X edger is controlled with a 10.5-in. touch screen and comes with a step bevel function as a standard option.
When equipped with the multi-frame tracer, Santinelli’s Lex 1200 allows you to acurately measure the highest of frame curves.
The Briot Attitude functions with a patented true-scan, wrap-technology, frame-tracing system.
The 7Ex high-curve dry edger from National Optronics provides an environmentally friendly alternative.

In-house edging is a great way to lower costs, speed service and improve quality control. With the trend toward high-wrap frames and bevels, these curved products often require special edging. Standard edgers make lightning fast work of common and general V-bevel frame styles. More advanced equipment features polishing, onboard grooving, drilling and safety beveling.

The next level of innovation takes edging to a whole new level, accounting for high-wrap curves, steps and shelf bevels. Wrap frames have emerged and are now nestled into many frame inventories across the country. Being able to cut them properly in-house allows for your lab to shine and your office to be known as the go-to place for edging quality. Here are the latest and greatest options for your consideration in the high-base wrap-edging market.

Wrapped frames do not stand a chance when you have a Santinelli Lex 1200 in your lab. This multipurpose edger, when equipped with Santinelli’s most advanced multi-frame tracer, allows you to accurately measure the highest of frame curves with ease and pinpoint precision. The integrated high-curve tracer features a mechanical fulcrum-assisted multi-axis stylus tip, which uses 50% less tip-to-frame pressure, eliminating the risk for distortion on thin or flexible frames.

Inside the edger chamber, the Lex 1200 achieves high base curve lens edging by using an inverted edging wheel that cuts the front and back side curves independently. Smart grinding pressure control and an advanced soft grind mode allow you to minimize torque while staying on axis, regardless of slippery hydrophobic coatings. Faster processing times allow for your best chance at boosting ROI.

The Lex 1200 has been upgraded with a faster CPU, which helps to increase standard grinding speed by 30%. Additional features include precise-gear-driven internals, lens-material-appropriate chuck-grinding pressure settings and the capability of edging multiple materials. Grooving, tailored mini bevels and a highly specialized semi-step bevel feature allow for proper lens insertion into a wide variety of frames, even some that were previously deemed “non-Rxable” eyewear.

Optional add-ons include six different wheel material configurations (even glass) and connectivity to Santinelli’s Lex automatic drill.

Nothing grinds the wheels of lab work to a halt faster than breakage or not being able to mount a lens properly. Having the right edging equipment can prevent this from happening and keep you making jobs along with hefty profits. Talking about all-in-one edging, Briot offers the Attitude edger to satisfy all of your edging needs. It uses an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen and functions with a patented true-scan, wrap-technology, frame-tracing system.

Notable features include the GravitechDemo lens imaging for drill-mounted lens hole design and placement, wrap tracing, Wavefront technology lens power mapping for progressives and Intelligent on-the-fly shape modification. The Attitude is geared to perform grooving, safety beveling, polishing, drilling, milling and shelf beveling. It uses best-fit angular grooving technology and has selectable width and depth step bevel options. It can drill at a 0-30° incline.

High-curve and wrap frames are easily conquered by the Attitude, and this feature is customizable with any section of the lens and can even be used with the mini bevel option.

For those in the market for a high-curve dry edger, National Optronics provides the environmentally friendly 7Ex edger. What sets this machine apart is that it uses carbide (or optional PCD) blades to complete the standard roughing wheel process, which requires water. The cutter helps to eliminate mess and the need for messy and non-environmentally friendly bucket changes.

The 7Ex produces flat lenses, V bevels as well as other customizable bevel geometries such as high-wrap bevels and is also capable of grooving and drilling. The edger is designed to produce high luster polished edges and safey beveling. Advanced lens clamping helps to greatly reduce lens slippage and prevent crazing with precision and control. Variable widths and grooving depths can be achieved, and the 7Ex can drill holes, slots, notches and even blind holes.

Tiny frames do not stand a chance with a minimum B cutting height of 16 mm. The multi-fluted lens cutter can easily help you make high wrap and other complex frame-mounted bevels. This cutter change is quick and easy, making the 7Ex a very versatile lens cutting set up.

If your edging volume is medium to high, you may want to take a look at the WECO E.5 edging system from AIT Industries, Inc. This version of the 5 series does it all, including wrapped frame processing. The E.5 grinds all materials and can handle polishing, grooving, as well as onboard drilling. The icon-driven touch screen is quick and easy to use, and the edger also provides automatic dual-sided safety beveling. Precise axis control, even with super hydrophobic AR coatings, is achieved through a proprietary lens roughing process.

While grooving, the angle of the inserted grooving blade inclines 0-30°, making the E.5 versatile for many frame groove styles. The drill also features a 0-30° incline. When it comes to wraps, the edger is designed to match the frame curve needed and produces a tilted bevel for easy lens insertion after. A clever built-in accessory tray on top of the unit helps to keep you organized, and the E.5 is compatible with a wide variety of blocker and tracing solutions.

Onboard milling is another lens fabrication method that is becoming more commonplace in the wrap segment. If you are in the market for a high-wrap edger that also mills, take a peek at Coburn’s HPE-8000X edging system. This all-in-one edger can seamlessly finish any plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex and high-index lens with ease and accuracy.

The 8000X features faster lens feelers, high-curve frame capability and a milling mechanism that can allow for partial grooving and beveling. The edger is controlled with a 10.5-in. touch screen and comes with a step bevel function as a standard option. This is important when fitting lenses perfectly into the high-wrap trendy shades we see today. A key unique feature to note is the option to add ventilation holes, which may be important to consider for prescription sports wraps.

The 8000X provides for 11 different lens edge finish modes to handle everything from standard V, to step, rimless, grooves, mini, asymmetric, U-shaped, partial, partial grooving, dual grooving and hybrid grooving bevel options. Improved clamps reduce slippage, and a savvy retouch support back-up saves up to three of the previous jobs edged. This comes in handy for minor retouch needs, without slowing you down.

The Mr. Blue 2.0 edger from Essilor Instruments USA is ideally suited for finishing even the highest base curves. Its binocular 3D tracing accommodates full-rim frames up to base 9. Its automatic adjustment of centering data is based on the frame’s 3D parameters. Drilling and grooving tools can be tilted to 30°, making it safe to mount lenses of up to base 10. In addition, its roughing cycle automatically adapts to the curves of lenses up to base 10, avoiding all risk of breakage.

Frank Gimbel, ABOC-AC, is an advanced certified optician and owner of Gimbel Opticians in Plymouth Meeting, PA.


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