Three new classically shaped suns with Lilly Pulitzer signature prints are just what the optician ordered.

With the addition of three new Lilly Pulitzer sun styles, Kenmark Eyewear has delivered on at least one optician’s request. “When I was at Vision Expo last year and talked to my rep, I said, ‘Where are your new sunglasses?’” said Barry Jackson, LDO, a buyer for Triangle Visions Optometry’s 23 locations in North Carolina. “So I’m excited that they’re going to have some great new sunglasses coming out.”

The three new Lilly Pulitzer sun styles are Kenda, a full acetate cat eye, Danica, a feminine aviator, and Stevie, a club-master-inspired metal/acetate combination. While the Stevie features signature Lilly Pulitzer prints on the temples and the Danica features them on both the temples and the front rim, the Kenda has rivet detailing on the front and the signature Lilly Pulitzer logo on the temple. Both the Kenda and Danica sport flash lenses.

“The latest sun offering is a small collection of classic shapes in a delightfully colorful palette,” Kenmark designer Laura Howard told VCPN. “The fan favorite right now is Danica, the aviator with custom Windsor Rims covered in signature Lilly Pulitzer prints. It’s the perfect style to let Lilly-lovers wear their favorite prints with pride.”

Kenmark Eyewear has a specific Lilly-lover in mind with its new sun collection: “The Lilly lady is optimistic, confident and lives her life on the bright side. She loves to entertain, travel, and her family is very important to her. She is both a ‘planner’ and a spontaneous shopper. The eyewear collection offers resort chic styling in fun, playful, feminine shapes featuring custom created Lilly Pulitzer colors and signature hand-drawn limited edition prints designed exclusively by Lilly Pulitzer.”


Optician Barry Jackson added his own description of the Lilly Pulitzer woman: “She is very sophisticated but youthful at the same time. You don’t have to be a mature woman to wear them, although you can be. It fits so many different age groups, which is one reason I like the brand so much. The bright colors that she uses are very vibrant, and I love the fact that she has petite sizes.”

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