Design companies like Eye Designs can help ECPs come up with new and interesting ways to attract kids to
various displays.

The sales of kids’ accessories can increase with creative, attractive visual merchandising.

To sell kids’ accessories, you have to appeal to two groups: the kids and their parents. With this in mind, it’s important to display the merchandise in a way that invites both groups to inspect it and encourages a positive dialogue between the child and a parent.

Of course, these displays should grab the kids’ attention. Bright colors, lots of contrast, and interesting graphics are effective. Bold, primary colors can help present accessories in their best light. Consider adding brief text to your displays so consumers understand what you’re trying to convey. Messages should always be simple and to the point—announce each product and include a few bullet points of its benefits or a suggestion for how to use it. For example, have a display of Nanofilm’s Ultra ClarityTM School Bus Lens Cleaner Kits or Hilco Lens Wipes with a bulleted list that includes words like, “Keeps lenses sparkling clean, kid-friendly, convenient, excellent for anti-reflective lenses.”

Kids and parents alike enjoy trying out products like Carson Optical’s Gripz retainers.

Location of the displays is an important consideration. Some frame board units include areas for showcasing accessories. If your boards don’t have these areas, use accent tables or kids’ furniture to highlight products. Set up a display at a lower eye level, near the children’s frames and stage the frames to clearly demonstrate how the accessory products are used. For example, put Carson Optical’s GripzTM retainers on sunwear and sports bands on sports frames. Invite the kids and parents to try them out.

Use props to bring the seasons and holidays to life in your office. Spring flowers, Valentine hearts, Easter eggs and bunnies, pumpkins, and Christmas or Hanukah decorations are a few ideas for giving any practice a seasonal flair. Display eyeglass cases and lens care kits with a backpack and school supplies; swim goggles and floating eyewear retainers with a miniature beach scene; or kid-sized Croakies® with sports equipment. Use posters and toys as you feature products.

Kid-sized Croakies are great for displaying with water sports equipment.
Increase impulse sales by creating an eye-catching display. While patients are waiting to pay, they can handle the accessories and get one more opportunity to make a purchase decision. For example, put some cases from Ron’s Optical in an attractive display near your payment station.

Refresh the displays frequently. Change of seasons and holidays call for a renewal, and displays should never get outdated or dusty. Patients returning to the office for follow-ups, adjustments, repairs, or for other reasons should see new and interesting displays that encourage yet another chance to purchase accessories. Companies like Eye Designs, Fashion Optical Displays, and Magic Design can help your practice with this.

Displays are an effective part of in-office merchandising. Use them well and watch those impulse purchase products sell.

Dee Carew is a licensed optician and optometric tech at Maumee Center for Eye Care in Maumee, OH.


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