Attached to clothing using magnets, the ReadeREST conveniently stores glasses.

This new product is “off the chain!” I’m talking about ReadeREST Magnetic Eyeglass holders. This simple device, as featured on the TV show, Shark Tank, is designed to attach to your shirt and give you a place to hang your glasses when you are not wearing them. Unlike broaches I have seen in the past, the ReadeREST attaches to your clothing via a strong set of magnets. Between the two magnets is a resting bar for your eyeglasses. Since first seen on Shark Tank, the ReadeREST has been a big hit, first on QVC and later in shops around the country. Now, thanks to Dynamic Labs, Inc., you can be the go-to source in your market.

While the ReadeREST is not the first in the industry to offer an option to hang your glasses somewhere besides a chain around your neck, it is the first to employ magnets. In addition, the designs available are unique enough that many of your patients will purchase more than one.

The basic design is available in stainless steel or black, but the designs that really stand out are the ones with Swarovski crystals that will appeal to your more elegant female patients. My personal favorite, however, is the ReadeREST made to look like a tiny pair of sunglasses.

Each ReadeREST employs two neodymium super magnets to hold it in place without damaging fabric. While designed to fit on your shirt, the magnets even work well when attached to a swimsuit, allowing you to take your favorite shades poolside without having to keep them on while soaking up the sun.

The original intent of the ReadeREST was to give you a place to keep your reading glasses other than hanging them around your neck, but I see it doing so much more. This offers the potential to increase your multiple sales. Each person in your office can wear one with an additional pair of eyeglasses hanging from them. This gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

Hang a pair of computer glasses from them and switch glasses when you sit down to enter an order. Use them to demonstrate your prescription sunglasses so your patient can see that you actually have what you are trying to sell them. Another idea is to have one optician hang a pair of ear buds from them to show the versatility of the product. If it helps you to sell one extra pair of glasses to just one patient, you’ve paid for your entire ReadeREST inventory.

ReadeREST is available from Dynamic Labs packaged in an eight-piece boxed display or in a revolving 32-pack unit, allowing you to show eight pieces of each of the four styles. While I would encourage you to look at putting the 32-piece display in your office, another alternative would be to get the eight-piece for each table in your dispensary.

Giving your patients an alternative to the traditional cord or chain for their readers or a place to put that second pair of glasses should make the ReadeREST an easy sale and could be that one accessory that will increase your multiple sales. What other accessory can you find that will better enhance your patients’ eyeglass experience while helping promote multiple pair sales? Put in a display and tell your patients that you can provide them a place to store their extra pair of eyeglasses that is not only convenient but is truly “off the chain!”

Kevin Harrison, ABOC, is president and owner of Heritage Vision Center, an independent optical dispensary in Hattiesburg, MS.


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