In response to the facts that approximately 133 million Americans are affected by incurable and ongoing disease, and estimates predict that by 2020 over 157 million Americans will be living with more than one chronic disorder, Vision Source will launch My Treatment Monitor in June 2018. This national optometric network was developed to improve patient care outcomes for people living with chronic diseases and taking medications for them, including diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hyperlipidemia and Alzheimer’s. Through My Treatment Monitor, Vision Source optometrists will lead the process of monitoring patients taking medications to treat chronic disease with possible ocular side effects.

Vision Source president and chief executive officer Jim Greenwood said, “Vision Source is proud to be at the forefront of advanced chronic disease treatment by launching My Treatment Monitor. Chronic diseases can directly affect a patient’s eye health and vision. Through the development of My Treatment Monitor, we further our commitment to providing the best treatment, monitoring and prevention plans for patients managing a chronic disease.” Founded in 1991, Vision Source is North America’s largest network of independent optometrists consisting of over 4,600 optometrists.

Optometrists within the My Treatment Monitor network will provide comprehensive medical examinations for patients with a chronic disease diagnosis as a pre-existing condition. After a drug to treat chronic disease is prescribed, doctors will ensure their patients are examined to establish that no pre-existing conditions affect the patient’s safety. Vision Source providers will also monitor patients on treatment medications to ensure patient safety continues.

“With the launch of My Treatment Monitor, Vision Source is the only network in the U.S. to provide system-wide collaborative eye health and vision care in support of physicians providing care and treatment for patients with chronic disease,” said Vision Source vice president and chief medical officer Paul Williams, OD, FAAO. “As an alliance, Vision Source has worked to improve patient outcomes by collaborating with accountable care organizations, integrated networks and health plans across North America. By introducing My Treatment Monitor to the healthcare community, we have extended our ability to effectively ensure quality and safety for patients with chronic disease, close care gaps and further improve patient outcomes.”


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