Put your personalized stamp on your retail space with Eye Design’s Synergy Pro™ Rod Display System, which uses interchangeable shelves, signage, and mirrors to create environments that sell frames by brand, lifestyles, and price points. The system-which can be mounted directly on the wall or on Lucite-combines multiple frame holders on the same rod, allowing for “unlimited flexibility,” according to Marketing Coordinator Sharon Baer. “Rod systems are very popular since they can accommodate large frame counts and also work well when you have limited space and can’t put a full display unit against a wall,” Baer explains. And single rods only need seven inches of space.

All frame holders and merchandising elements lock into place with a turn of a universal key. Frames can be individually secured with spring-loaded metal lock bars, and soft rubber pads keep frames properly aligned. There are also rotating frame holders that allow the temple design to be featured. The Synergy Pro system incorporates shelving with branded messaging making it simple and quick for your patients to find the exact look or label they desire.

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