Make a mark with custom lenses by Essilor’s M’Eye Sign.

Engraving isn’t just for jewelry anymore. With M’Eye Sign from Essilor Instruments, patients can engrave their lenses to express an interest or hobby or simply with a name or initials, which is especially handy for those prone to misplacing eyewear.

M’Eye Sign technology is fully integrated into Essilor’s Mr. Blue 2.0 edger, so no additional tools or particular expertise are required. With more than 330 images and characters from which patients can choose, M’Eye Sign can also be added to M’Eye Touch, which creates personalized lens shapes on rimless glasses, for a fully custom pair of eyeglasses.

Engravings are prepared using the Essibox computer where the image or character is added to the lens. Once location, size and depth of M’Eye Sign is chosen and the edging cycle is completed in Mr. Blue 2.0, Essibox will then prompt to add the engraving tool. Hit “start” and Mr. Blue 2.0 will etch the image on the front of the lens.

According to Essilor, M’Eye Sign was created in response to an increasing demand for personalized objects and accessories.

“This new capability allows ECPs to make their mark and really differentiate their service to customers,” said Damien Rousseau, vice president, Americas, Essilor Instruments. “Whether it’s initials, a sports emblem or something more personal, Mr. Blue 2.0 and M’Eye Sign offers a simple, fast and automatic way to further customize glasses.”



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