Hands-free photography with PogoCam ensures that wearers will never miss that special moment.

Unveiled last month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, PogoCam entered the wearable technology market as the “smallest attachable eyewear camera.” Developed by PogoTec, PogoCam uses PogoTrack, a magnetic “track” that attaches the camera to the eyewear and is currently available on select styles of Rx, plano and sunglasses from Argus Vision, ClearVision Optical, Vista Eyewear and FGX International.

PogoCam was designed for the mass market, with PogoTec exploring other uses for PogoTrack: from UV meters and pedometers to alertness monitors that prevent drivers from falling asleep.

“We wanted something that works for 15 year olds to 70 year olds, and we also wanted the camera to be incredibly simple,” said Ron Blum, founder, president and CEO of PogoTec. “Our research said that there was a market out there, and the question was: ‘How can we do it in a user-friendly way that allows eyewear to look like eyewear and not be embarrassed to wear it out socially?'”

The result is a camera that weighs less than two dimes and measures 10.9 x 12.5 x 42.8 mm. While attached to eyewear, PogoCam allows users to “look and shoot” up to 100 photographs or two minutes of continuous HD video with audio (or 12 10-second clips). PogoCam’s mobile app provides auto-centering, auto-alignment and image rotation and transmits images directly to a smartphone using Bluetooth. Every PogoCam includes a Smart Case for storage and a charger that is small enough to fit in a pocket.

PogoTec will be exhibiting PogoCam at this year’s International Vision Expo East in New York City. PogoCam and branded non-Rx sunglasses with PogoTrack will be available this year at major retail chains, optical retailers and eyecare offices as well as bundled for sale at PogoCam.com and Amazon.com. Initial customers who purchase PogoCam via the e-commerce site will receive a pair of sunglasses with PogoTrack.

PogoTec, 540.904.5156, PogoTec.com, Info@PogoTec.com


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