Optima Resolution lenses (left) from PFO Global
are thinner and exhibit no birefringence
(manufacturing-induced stress distortion) shown here in a standard polycarbonate lens (right).

Regular polycarbonate lenses can exhibit optical errors such as visual distortion, poor resolution and prescription variations due to stress distortion, also known as birefringence. To overcome these inherent problems, Optima Resolution lenses incorporate ECM-9 technology, which results in an unstressed, birefringence-free lens with no distortion. Its aspheric/atoric design completely eliminates lens distortion, providing patients with sharply focused vision that is true to scale from lens edge to lens edge.

Using ECM-9 technology, Optima Resolution lenses are 14% thinner and 27% lighter than standard polycarbonate, 10% thinner and 23% lighter than 1.60 high-index plastic and 25% thinner and lighter than conventional plastic. Available with or without anti-reflective coating, Optima Resolution lenses come in plano to -8.00D sphere out to -2.00D cylinder.

Optima Resolutions lenses also overcome the difficulties of tinting polycarbonate, which results from the hardcoating necessary for use with this soft lens material. Unlike typical polycarbonate, Optima Resolution lenses not only tint to the darkest sunglass shades, but they also do so very quickly. Tinting tests determined that Optima Resolution lenses tinted to an 80% gray and 80% brown consistently after a ten-minute tinting period, while the leading competing polycarbonate lenses tinted to a minimal 10% tint during the same timeframe. A 20-minute tinting period resulted in a tint density of 85%. The leading polycarbonate lens achieved no increase in density after 20 minutes.

After acquiring the assets of Optima, Inc. in 2013, PFO Global, Inc. is in the process of re-introducing Optima Resolution lenses to the U.S. market. To help re-introduce the lenses, PFO Global will be rolling out a national campaign around Optima Resolution lenses that will feature a nationwide contest.


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