SHAMIR INSIGHT, Inc., Autograph III This balanced, progressive lens
holistically adapts to the
patient’s Rx, ensuring a
clear and comfortable visual experience. It features IntelliCorridor™, a power profile for clearer vision in the transitional zone; As-Worn Quadro™, which has four times more design stability to frame-tilt variations; ergonomic design for natural posture; and EyePoint Technology III. 877-514-8330,, #LP7535.
SMITH, Chromapop Elite with Milspec Lenses Whether it’s a threat on a crowded street or identifying a drake among hens, ChromaPop™ Elite
lens technology with
MilSpec ballistic lenses allows the wearer to see truer colors and be able to more quickly
distinguish a target from its surroundings. The lens is available in the new Drop Elite or popular Frontman Elite models. 888-206-2995,, #3566.
This proprietary optical polishing slurry features sustained suspension, a “slick” feel that has a
lower impact on skin and equipment that is also
easy to clean up, and superior coating adhesion for backside coated lenses. The long-lasting and durable polish creates a brighter and consistent sheen. 866-450-0412,, #LP7519.
HILCO, Pro Screwdriver
and Wrench Sets
With dimensions marked on the handles, tool stand, and blades, these screwdrivers and wrenches feature a smooth action top with blade-size marking, sure-grip handles, and professional grade blades. The six-place screwdriver set comes with either a non-skid bench or rotating base. 800-955-6544,, #4621.
PRECISION OPTICAL GROUP, 4You Gold Polarized Lenses Available in a variety of colors such as gray, brown, copper, and G-15, the polarized element is a welcome addition to this popular lens line, which offers the same customizable fit as the 4You Gold lenses. 800-497-9239, ESSILOR OF AMERICA, Inc., Transitions Xtractive, Signature VII Graphic Green Lens Now available in Thin&Lite 1.67 lens materials, Transitions’ XTRActive lenses adapt throughout the day to provide additional protection from light outdoors, indoors, and even in the car. The company also offers Transitions Signature™ VII green lenses in standard plastic 1.50, bifocal, and trifocal options. 800-542-5668,, #LP7235.

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