RUDY PROJECT, IMPACTX-2 An update to the ImpactX lens, this version has cutting-edge photochromatic particles that provide faster color transition and deliver highly enhanced color contrast through a newly designed HDR filter. It has the same unbreakable lens as the original that can transition from clear to multiple colors such as black, red, or brown. 888-860-7597, BRIOT USA, PERCEPTION Launched last month at Vision Expo, this entry-level edging system is powered by Gravitech technology, in which shape information is captured using a patented algorithm based on the gravity point of the lens. Accurate measurements are obtained within five seconds of lens placement. 800-292-7468,
QUEST OPTICAL SPECIALTY LAB, FREE-FORM EASY TOP LENS The patented free-form Easy Top (ET)™ lens is the only lens of its type that can be fully individually optimized, which, according to the company, is a “better, new way of producing prescription lenses that deliver the ultimate visual performance and comfort to the wearer.” 727-581-2706,

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