ic! berlin’s frames feature durable finishes and a patented screwless spring-hinge system.

Don’t discount frame technology as a potential profit booster.

Many opticians feel that the sale of lenses should be the main focus of any eyewear sale. While that is good optical practice, the frames that adorn your dispensary walls and display cases represent nearly half of the profit in a pair of eyeglasses. This means that their technology should also be a major consideration in the eyewear recommendation decision.

One strategy for maximizing the potential for frame sales is to utilize new frame technology. The considerable revenue potential this category of the frame market should not be overlooked by offices working to keep patients excited about new eyewear choices and keeping the office revenue figure growing.

Anthony Gaggi, a NY State licensed optician and owner of Anthony Aiden Opticians (an independently owned, high-end optical shop in New York City’s East Village), understands and profits from new frame technology and focuses on quality and design when selecting his frame inventory.

Gaggi looks for frames that are just outside his patients’ experience and believes styles with new technology fill the bill nicely. By his estimation, new technology frames add about 18% to his bottom line. To see how that translates to profits using Gaggi’s profit estimates, consider the tables below.

As you can see from these tables, recommending frames with newer technology can be very profitable. Using the estimates, an office might experience an incremental income of nearly $35,000 in one year. This is surely something you don’t want to overlook.

Just replacing one sale with a newer technology frame would net the practice $36 in incremental profit. If you did this five days a week for a year, you’d see an incremental increase in profits of $8,640. Do it with two frames a day for a year and you’re looking at over $17,000.

Gaggi has found that new frame technology is a strong selling feature when discussing eyewear selection with a patient. Some brands he especially likes include ic! berlin america with its durable finishes, patented screwless spring-hinge system, and sheet metal and polycarbonate materials. He also favors frames that sport technology such as the Swissflex lens-locking system from Italee Optics, Inc., which offers nearly unlimited frame color combinations because the temple has no screws. Instead, it snaps together at the hinge.

Derapage’s Tornado (from Nico-design) is also clever technology—it is an unwelded multilayer frame with three ultra-thin steel layers secured by an innovative system of micro-riveting. This results in what the company calls featherweight indestructibility. Gaggi also likes the well made titanium frames from the Danish manufacturer, LINDBERG. The company uses an innovative hinge design as well as other cleverly thought-out features.

New frame technology is a hallmark in the success of Anthony Gaggi’s office. Providing it to your patients does them a great service and ensures that your business thrives.

Dee Carew is a licensed optician and optometric tech at Maumee Center for Eye Care in Maumee, OH.


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