Oakley’s Forehand offers ’80s’ sunwear styling along with a palette of popping color choices.
Babiators sunglasses for babies and toddlers are colorful and fun to look at.
The more color, the better when it comes to neon as in friezeframes Market Street in its Ventura collection.

There’s nothing like color to brighten up a face and neon hues make a statement.

I can remember when neon colors hit the U.S. market in the ’80s. It was hip and it was everywhere. Downhill skiers were easy to spot as they whooshed down the trail and even those of us who weren’t on the slopes looked pretty trendy wearing neon then. The neon color pendulum has swung back and it’s hotter than ever. Look around and you’ll see neon coming at you in eye- and sunwear, this time in exciting new ways.

Forehand by Oakley, Inc. definitely mirrors this trend. It offers ’80s’ sunwear styling along with a palette of popping color choices. Forehand is fun to wear and the flashy mirror treatments added to the lenses complete the neon retro look. The comfortable stress-resistant O Matter™ frame material enhances the wearers experience too.

Versace Style No. VE 3181B within the Icon Stones Collection (offered by Luxottica) is inspired by the Versace fashion jewelry line. What makes this eyewear so unique is the combination of Versace design sensibility and bold contrasting color. This particular model’s frame front is yellow neon with a layer of black acetate set behind it. The contrasting black temples make room for three famous Versace Medusa motifs with crystals that speak to the Versace brand lover.

Check out Magic by Kala Eyewear. A combination of color affects makes this style very unique. The upswept and pillow frame front in translucent pastel orange makes way for the opaque temples of the same color. But don’t let the name of the color fool you. The smooth cellulose acetate frame material is ideal for letting the neon shine!

And the more color, the better when it comes to neon. Check out Market Street within the Ventura Collection by friezeframes. This handcrafted subtle cat eye, made of the highest-grade acetate has yummy color options. My favorite choice is sorbet with orange, yellow, and pink neon hues. Fashion-forward consumers will definitely be drawn toward this distinctive and elegant style. Market Street is also available with plano polarized UV lens options for those looking for hip sunglasses.

Kids follow trends too. And did you know that elementary school-age children like to mimic tweens, and that tweens want to be like cool teens, and that teens want to be young adults? The designers for Ocean Pacific (Op) eyewear by ClearVision Optical completely understand this phenomenon.

For instance, Op Main Beach possesses a fashionable modified upsweep square shape along with awesome translucent colors like teal blue and cherry, featuring the recognizable Op logo. Teens really dig this.

Most likely when a parent or guardian brings a young toddler or child in to see you for eye- and sunwear, the final selection will be theirs. They are looking for quality, durability, and they really want their child to be comfortable and yeah…look good. The trend of neon colors fits right in.

The Babiators line of sunwear, for example, offers not just sunglasses for babies and toddlers that will protect their eyes from harmful ultra-violet radiation, they are colorful and fun to look at. My favorite color is limelight lime.

Neon is back and it’s huge. Be sure to harness its attraction and you will see your eyewear sales soar.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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