The designs of Josie Natori reflect her philosophy of “Femininity, first, last, and always.” In Natori’s eyes, the contemporary woman is vibrant, colorful, and multi-dimensional, and Natori Eyewear from Zyloware Eyewear is a reflection of that vision. The eyewear collection possesses a unique “East meets West” quality, bringing together simplicity and sophistication.

While this eyewear brand is designed as a luxury offering, it’s what Zyloware characterizes as “affordable luxury.” In other words, it has all the features that a buyer would expect from a high-end brand without the sticker-shock price, a positioning strategy that works well in today’s challenging economic climate.

The collection consists of 12 ophthalmic frames and five sunwear designs that use intriguing textures and material combinations to create colors, animal prints, and geometric shapes that take women seamlessly from morning to midnight.

Style No. MM 101 is a good example. It features a floating, rimless mounted lens with a

Style No. LM 304

contemporary rectangle-shaped metal front with a slight wrap. The medium-sized two-toned zyl temples add dimension and sophistication. Black and sand are the color offerings.

Hard lines and geometric shapes are what Style No. LM 303 is all about. This full metal has triangular temples adorned with a mosaic of squares and triangles toward the front resembling stained glass, which are embellished with Swarovski crystals to add interest and class. The temples are separated from the front by a thin metal endpiece, adding to its geometric flavor. Eyewires are slightly curved, giving the frame a feminine quality. It’s available in black and brown.

With an oval lens shape and a gentle upsweep, zyl Style No. IZ 204 is a subtle eye-catcher. The end-pieces are thick and the temple thickness matches the endpiece and tapers as it progresses rearward. A clear scalloped endpiece in the black model

Style No. IZ 204

frames the eyes with a clean look. The brown frame has a thick, solid-brown, straight-edged endpiece.

Four zyls and one metal shape up the sunwear. Style No. SZ 502 is an oversized modified oval. The large and round temporal area of the lens shape says, “Here I am.” A delicate mosaic pattern embedded in the handcrafted zyl is prominent on the front and wrapped endpieces. The zyl of the temples is separated by a metal section shaped like bamboo and ringed with delicate Swarovski crystals. Gray mosaic and brown mosaic colors harmonize with casual as well as dressy wardrobes.

Large and almost perfectly round, Style No. SZ 505 is captivating. This handcrafted, multi-layered zyl has an intricate marbled design on the thick front and

Style No. SZ 502

thick-tapering-to-narrow temples. Despite its size, this frame has a delicate, feminine quality due to its soft colors of tortoise or violet marble.

The Natori eyewear collection comes with an ophthalmic case and a sunglass case. Point-of-purchase materials include a desk easel, a four-piece countertop display, and a signature plaque.

Affordable luxury is an excellent eyewear strategy in today’s marketplace and Zyloware’s introduction of the Josie Natori eyewear collection is right on target for today’s consumer.

Style No. SZ 505 Style No. LM 303
Style No. MM 101 Style No. MZ 103 (top); Style No. LZ 302 (bottom)

Dee Carew is a licensed optician and optometric tech at Maumee Center for Eye Care in Maumee, OH.

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