I’ve left a number of jobs in the many years I’ve been working but never with such sweet regrets as I have as I retire after 15 years at First Vision Media Group (FVMG). I have been involved in every issue of VCPN since its beginning (January 2001) as well as all of our satellite publications.

In my years in the optical industry, I have garnered a wealth of knowledge about eyewear, sunglasses, lenses, contact lenses, equipment, instrumentation, and technology. I have also gained significant insight into the role that fashion plays in both eyewear as a vision correction product and sunwear as an accessory. In addition, my attendance at press events and trade shows (both international and domestic) has given me further insight to the statement eyewear can make.

And of course, the advances (and new products) that have been made across the 15 years have been formidable too: natural and sustainable frame materials, free-form lenses, blue light technology, multifocal contact lenses, daily disposables, automation of equipment and instrumentation, mobile apps and EMR, and electronic wearables.

But none of these have been as important as the people I’ve met””from those I’ve worked with at FVMG to company representatives to our ECP writer base to our readers. It has been my great pleasure to have been part of this industry. I thank you all.

Beth Schlau

Vice President, Editorial


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