In addition to its mechanical tracing stylus, Mr. Orange offers optical tracing capability as well.

Essilor Instruments’ Mr. Orange edging system is so capable it can do tracing, blocking, drilling, grooving, and polishing.

Mr. Orange is the latest addition to the Essilor Instruments USA’s line of high-efficiency finishing products. This edger system does it all—tracing, blocking, drilling, grooving, polishing, and much more. It can even produce a 9.00D base job equal to the “big boy” labs. It’s so capable, in fact, that you’ll be tempted to call it by name and consider it one of your newest staff members.

At the core of the system are two modules, the edging module and the tracer/blocker/centering module. Together, they provide a level of automated finishing sophistication that will turn your office into a high-tech wizard. Edge “normal” jobs with ease, adjust bevel type and location, select safety beveling, and polish lenses automatically.

Want to modify a lens shape? You can do it on the control panel touch screen. Want to drill, notch, groove, or slot a lens? It’s all done in the edging chamber. Mr. Orange even features a computerized centering aid that makes it as easy as pie to block lenses accurately.


The head of the tracer/blocker/centering module has a camera that’s used for a couple of functions. The blocker “sees” progressive and single vision lens markings (microengravings, focimeter points) and offers real-time orientation and validation of the best centering position as well as automatic adjustment of decentration depending on frame specifications (pantoscopic tilt, curvature) and Rx data. The blocking arm automatically sets the block on the lens while controlling the clamping pressure. And the blocking system is as easy for lefties to use as righties due to its extra wide opening.

LIFETIME MAINTENANCE Mr. Orange comes with lifetime remote standard maintenance that keeps him performing at his best, downloading updates and doing remote self-diagnostics. Mr. Orange won’t keep calling in sick. He will perform daily for you, and ask little in return.

Mr. Orange’s patented Fit-4-Frame technology creates a 3-dimensional trace for all base curves up to 9.00D while considering thickness in four strategic points. The unit will trace a pattern, lens, or a frame. In addition to its mechanical tracing stylus, Mr. Orange offers optical tracing capability as well: simultaneously acquiring the shape and drill hole data with its camera and special software, optical tracing works twice as fast and is ideal for demo-lenses, groove, and rimless jobs. Mr. Orange can store a library of up to 2,000 shapes for easy access to your office’s most popular shapes. With the optional Essibox, your lens library is limitless.

The system is available in two versions, 3-wheel and 4-wheel. All materials can be processed including glass (4-wheel version), plastic, mid-index, high-index, polycarbonate and Trivex®.

Mr. Orange has two modules: the edging module and the tracer/blocker/centering module.

Mr. Orange processes all coatings too, even the slickest hydrophobic, oleophobic anti-reflective treatments using Star Control. This cycle avoids slippage, crazing, or other edging defects, regardless of shape, material or lens treatment.

It doesn’t take up much room either. The combined units of Mr. Orange have a footprint about 3ft. wide, 2 ft. high, and 2 ft. deep; it weighs less than 200 lbs.

Mr. Orange has a very versatile drilling function that drills, notches, slots, and because you can rotate the drill up to 30°, you can even create a flush drill hole on a 9.00D base curve lens.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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