Developed in 2006 by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff to help his wife, Gayle, improve the health of her eyelashes after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, Revitalash Advanced is a conditioning treatment made with the proprietary BioPeptin Complex™. The once-daily treatment helps to protect against brittleness and breakage and improve flexibility, moisture, and shine and is targeted to women who want stronger, more youthful eyelashes. One 3.5ml tube lasts approximately six months. There are five eye products under the RevitaLash Cosmetics brand, which include Nouriche™, a botanical-infused conditioner that draws in moisture; Volumizing Mascara; Volumizing Primer; and a 12-hour eyeliner.


While there are several competitors in the market, RevitaLash says that it “strives to set the standard” and delivers “exceptional results” that stem from product performance and packaging. The company has a strong commitment to social responsibility, donating a portion of its annual proceeds to breast cancer research and education as well as giving 10% of profits to that cause from its limited edition, pink-packaged RevitaLash Advanced in October. This product line can keep once-a-year patients coming back more frequently, according to the company: “These days, it’s important to take advantage of all business opportunities when a client steps through the door. It gives patients a reason to return and replenish their products. This will lead to increased sales of all your goods and services.”

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