Essilor Instruments USA offers a wide array of finishing equipment that varies in features and price. The latest addition is the new Triplets finishing system that
The Triplets system allows ECPs to modify their equipment combination as their needs change.
provides reasonably priced options for in-office finishing and access to Essilor Instruments’ customer service, which the company describes as best-in-class.

The Triplets system is designed as an entry-level finishing equipment combination that gives a practice the functions of basic finishing. The target market is practices looking to get into in-house finishing as well as those looking to upgrade an older system. According to the company, this modular configuration enables eyecare professionals to assemble an ideal equipment combination for today’s needs and to modify it as those needs change and new trends emerge.

A modular system allows you to choose from five pieces of equipment: one blocker (Bess), two tracers (Tess and ETess), and two edgers (Jess and Jessie). These components combine into four complete packages, each comprised of three modules: a tracer, an edger, and a blocker. The tracers, ETess and Tess, offer optimal shape tracing as well as consistent and precise measurements.

They also communicate with the edgers and with VisionWeb and other order-processing systems, which make them a useful tool when sending frame and lens data to wholesale labs. ETess has a touch screen where the user can see the shape of a traced lens graphically and boasts an integrated memory of 1,000 jobs, while Tess uses a text display to deliver information. Both can be auto-maintenance managed via a computer or edger. The auto-maintenance manage function has a diagnostic program that the operator can run to detect any issues. Also, a notification is displayed when the polishing tool needs cleaning. An automated calibration procedure is standard on both tracers.

Jess and Jessie offer customized bevels for complex mounts as well as integrated 3D technology at every stage of processing. For a more accurate lens fit, the integrated 3D technology takes the three-dimensional curved shape of a lens into consideration when calculating size and bevel positions. Jess offers grooving and safety beveling in the machine. The auto-maintenance function has a diagnostic program that the operator can run to detect issues.

Bess, the blocker, provides automatic calculation of decentration values via the Jess or Jessie edger. Adding to its features is a graduated reticule suited for centering all lens types, which is needed to accurately center the lens.

Triplets system is designed to sit on a countertop and will fit comfortably in most practices without extensive redesigning efforts. The dimensions of the equipment in the Triplets system are as follows:

• Tess: 280mm L x 285mm D x 180mm H; 16.5 lbs.
• ETess-open screen: 280mm L x 450mm D x 180mm H; 17.6 lbs.
• Bess: 180mm L x 245mm D x 250mm H; 8.2 lbs.
• Jessie and Jess: 535mm L x 410mm D x 568mm H; 147.7 lbs.

All Triplets packages include the equipment, installation, training, phone technical support, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For an additional fee, extended service contracts are available.

If you’re looking to get into finishing your own lenses or replacing your current equipment, the new Triplets line of equipment might be a right fit for your optical family.

Aaron Chapman is the optical manager for Comprehensive EyeCare West in Columbus, OH.


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