To Mark its 30th Anniversary, Revo Celebrates Stealth and Solar Orange

Distributed by ClearVision Optical (CVO) and manufactured by B. Robinson, the Revo brand recently celebrated its 30th anniversary by re-releasing its classic silver mirror lens, Stealth, and introducing the Solar Orange lens.

Both of these, as with all Revo lenses, manage the full spectrum of light through the Revo Light Management System (LMS), which blocks out the bad and allows in the good. Revo lenses selectively manage and filter all light in the color spectrum, with emphasis on blue light/high energy visible light. Plus, all Revo lenses are polarized.


One of the classic mirror coatings in sunglass heritage, the Stealth lens is not just another silver mirror but a true technological achievement and the backbone of Revo Light Management. It works by reducing the internal reflections that have potentially harmful specular images (ghost images) that may distract the wearer while in motion or resting. When light scatters in a lens, the specular images it produces are perceived by the brain to be real. Combining UV protection, light management and the neutral silver color results in an unmatched visual experience.


The color orange increases contrast by highlighting the upper end of the mid-light range in the visible light spectrum. The result is that green, yellow and red colors pop and come to life. Revo’s Solar Orange lenses block 84% of visible light in addition to providing protection from low-level blue light.


The Revo Light Management System and Revo High-Contrast Polarization technology are now available in a prescription version called REVOlution Rx. Powered by Shamir, REVOlution Rx lenses feature the benefits of LMS technology and the SurfacePro Protection System, including heritage Revo mirrors and anti-scratch coatings. (Revo’s exclusive mirror coatings are based on NASA lens technology used for satellite protection.)

Made of NXT Trivex, the lightweight REVOlution lenses exceed ANSI standards for impact resistance, and they offer oleophobic coating for ease of cleaning and back surface protection to eliminate distracting back-side reflections for superb clarity.

Jackie O’Keefe, LDO, is a writer, speaker, course preparer and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

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