Randolph Engineering Translates Tough-As-Nails Materials Into The Softer Side of Fashion

For more than 40 years, Randolph Engineering has been serving up its trusted brand of durable, rugged eyewear to the military. The company–which is run by three generations of the original owners, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski-now incorporates that same gestalt into their stylish Rxable Foundry Collection.

With the Foundry Collection, military-grade toughness and durability get a fashion boost with the incorporation of modern shapes and dynamic colors. Manufactured in its Randolph, MA, plant, the frames are handcrafted with American-made stainless steel. There are eight full- rimmed ophthalmics in the grouping with four for men and four for women. The unisex designs are intended for wearers 35 years and up.


Inspired by the era of New England foundries where metals were melted and cast into molds to create shapes, these frames are designed to last. For starters, they are made with the same rigid military specs as their metal aviators. They are also extremely lightweight and durable. You’ll find that these frames include a five-barrel hinge with a non-slip filler that prevents loosening of the temples, oven-cured paint finishes for durability, and temple ends made of a non-slip rubber for comfort and easy adjustments. Moreover, patients will appreciate the hypoallergenic feature and will also be delighted to know that each frame comes with a lifetime warranty. How’s that for standing behind your product?


Randolph Engineering’s goal was to create a design that provided strength in a fashionable way, featuring a sleek structure with a bold statement that caters to the unique style of each individual. The colors offered are a balance between lush hues and industrial undertones with up to four color choices per frame; matte black and paris blue along with amethyst purple or atlantic blue for women and matte black, paris blue, gun metal, or espresso for men.

The Berlin is a bold rectangular shape, with a flat front stainless steel frame for men going for a sophisticated look. Hadley is a modified cat-eye shape, for women wanting to set trends while at work or play. Rockport is a unisex frame that has a square shape with rounded edges designed for any man or women to exude confidence, being content, and charismatic. The Chelsea was created for the petite women and features a soft rectangular look; it will make a lovely extension to her wardrobe. The Harvard has a deep rectangular shape that projects the essence of intelligence and diversity.


The Randolph Foundry Collection provides a number of point-of-purchase items including a Made-in-the-USA stainless steel “step riser” display, branding plaques, stickers, and soft touch counter cards.

The Foundry Collection offers a bold yet sleek look, and it delivers fashion with quality artisanship and stainless steel, both with domestic origins. ECPs and patients will be amazed to learn that the eyewear meets military quality standards, considering its stylish, modern appeal. That fact alone will sell a lot of these truly American frames.

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Kendra Klapheke is the office manager and frame specialist at St. Matthews Vision Center in Louisville, KY


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