Milan in March can be dreary (some of us remember the glory days when the show was held in May), but MIDO ’15 was an event to remember for design and display innovations. MIDO has been rebranded as Never Ending Wonder, which it definitely was as witnessed by more than 49,000 people (including 56% from countries other than Italy), an increase of 8.7% over 2014. In addition, more than 150 new companies joined the roster of exhibitors.

One highlight was Lab Academy, a newcomer in the Design Lab. This space was for creative and up-and-coming eyewear designers who went through a rigorous selection process and were exhibiting for the first time. The actual physical space was a reflection of the uniqueness of the products shown there.

For the second year, MIDO presented Bestand-an award to the most unique booth at the show. This year’s winner was Blackfin’s Black Shard. As a counterpart to this, a new award-Bestore-was given to encourage ECPs to offer their patients the “ultimate shopping experience.” The Leidmann Specialty store for Eyewear in Munich, Germany was the honoree.

Mark your calendar for MIDO ’16, which will take place February 27-29 and will undoubtedly prove to be an even more exciting show than this year’s event.

Beth Schlau

Vice President, Editorial

email me at beth@visioncareproducts.com


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