ZEISS Digital Lens accommodates the new vision needs of the millennial generation.

More than any previous generation, Millennials (roughly ages 20 to 34) have integrated mobile digital devices like smartphones and tablets into their lives. And they’re finding that these devices create visual demands that traditional single vision lenses can’t meet, causing discomfort and symptoms of digital eye strain. ZEISS Digital Lens delivers everything they need: outstanding distance vision, more comfortable digital device viewing, and reduced eye strain. Available in a full range of materials and treatments, including PhotoFusion by ZEISS and polarized options, ZEISS Digital Lens is ideal for all-day, all-purpose wear.

Mobile digital devices require continual visual effort to maintain focus and alignment, which fatigues even young eyes. The closer viewing range of handheld devices can also cause accommodation problems well before the typical age of presbyopia. ZEISS Digital Lens relieves digital eye strain by combining a large, single vision-like distance area with an area of plus power (+0.50D to +1.25D) positioned for easy access, and optimized for viewing digital devices. This eases the focusing burden on the eye, assuring relaxed, stress-free vision for all distances, all day long.

In wearer trials, ZEISS Digital Lens reduced reported digital eye strain by more than 50%. By addressing both distance and digital viewing needs, it creates a premium lens category for patients who normally purchase basic single vision lenses. To help create a wow factor for practices, ZEISS is driving patient awareness of digital eye strain and Digital Lens through social media, and with a digital eye strain screening app available as a free download for ECPs.

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