New electronic devices assure the accuracy of the patient’s prescription information ECPs share with the lab.

One of the first instruments I learned to use was the PD ruler. It was a mainstay in every optician’s arsenal. The only variable was the optician. Did we have the patient in the correct position? Did we have the eyewear in the correct adjusted position? Enter the world of digitally designed ophthalmic lenses. Now we need to measure pupillary distance, line of sight, A, B, DBL, face form, wrap, vertex, pantoscopic tilt and more-with extreme accuracy. The PD ruler may not be the answer.

Today we have access to measuring devices that can make each one of us an expert in measurements. Here are a few of the latest fitting systems.

Visioffice 2

Essilor of America offers the Visioffice 2, a freestanding digital measuring device. It will interface with several practice management systems, including, but not limited to Compulink Advantage, My Vision Express, MaximEyes and RevolutionEHR. Visioffice increases the patient’s experience by offering educational videos on Essilor-branded products and interactive tools.

i.Terminal 2

ZEISS offers the ZEISS i.Terminal 2, which is a tower, as well as the iPad-based ZEISS i.Terminal mobile for the convenience of being able to bring the device to the patient rather than the patient to the device. The ZEISS i.Terminal 2 and i.Terminal mobile offer fitting measurements for all lenses and can show the patient the visual benefits of customized vs. standard lenses.

Spectangle PRO

The vast majority of electronic fitting systems are iPad based and not stationary. HOYA Vision Care’s Spectangle PRO is compatible with the iPad 3 and comes with an EY-stick frame-reference tool. Customers who purchase for HOYA also receive additional HOYA Honors Program points for six months on orders placed using the Spectangle PRO.


VSP Optics uses One Touch to Optical (otto) for third generation iPad models and newer. It offers lens consulting and measures PD, fitting height, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex and frame wrap. It will integrate with OfficeMate practice management software and can be used for measurements on all lens brands.

KODAK Lens ids

Signet Armorlite’s KODAK Lens ids (intelligent dispensing software) is available with the iPad Air 2, with an updated version being released at the end of the month. It includes a backplate that can be used as a tabletop stand. While not a virtual try-on of frames, this system allows the user to take pictures of the individual wearing frames for comparison. It will calculate monocular PD measurements for far and near vision, monocular fitting height measurements, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance, reading distance, face form angle, A, B and DBL measurements. Visual simulations include an augmented-reality capability that allows patients to “see” through their new lenses.

Taking advantage of any of these and other digital measuring devices will help you gain an edge when fitting the latest technology lenses. Plus it will make you look like the expert you are to your patients.

Jill J. Luebbert, CPOT, ABOC,
is a certified paraoptometric and optician in northeast Nebraska.



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