ACETATE 1880: (top to bottom) Style Nos. 1613M, 1612M

Morel as a company has a complete integration of design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution under one roof. This allows the adaptation of new technologies to be integrated into designs from conception through prototype to products.

The Marius Morel 1880 collection is comprised of six style groups: Titane, Aristide, Ernest, Acetate 1880, Edouard, and Micro Shape—each offering an intriguing aspect of the personality of Marius Morel.

ARISTIDE: (top and bottom) Style No. 1818M

Aristide is vintage with a modern edge. The brushed steel front and delicate acetate temples combine comfort and lightness. Style No. 1818M is an edgy rectangular model and Style No. 1817M is a classic P3 shape. Each comes in three colors.

Ernest offers models in handcrafted acetate and combination construction. Style No. 1819M is a classic combination frame I’ve fallen in love with. With its two color combinations, this is the frame I’ve been looking for since all the old classic B15’s stopped production.

Edouard is highly technical rimless eyewear with a decided vintage flair,

TITANE: Style No. 1619M

reworking the notion of “old style” rimless mounting assemblies. The tightening clamps and tension blades, for example, provide excellent lens positioning and hold while the screw and nut assembly is fitted with an anti-loosening nylon ring, thus marrying classic rimless features with modern materials. The front mountings are all metal with slim acetate temples decorated with a metal insert to match the front. Style No. 1848M is a distinctly feminine, slightly larger rectangular design.

The Acetate 1880 group offers a wealth of extremely sophisticated details and finishes in high-end handcrafted eyewear with metal inserts in the front and temples but replicating a classic hinge shield. Style No. 1720M is a geek-chic classic, Style No. 1722M is a modernized chunky rectangular frame, and Style No. 1721M is an edgy rectangle.

MICRO SHAPE: Style No. 1716M

Titane is a group of reinterpreted metal styles in titanium and stainless steel. Ovals, rounds, and square shapes in full-rimmed and semi-rimless styles are available in a range of vintage hues of gold, silver, and copper. There is also a Windsor version with the top rim done in tortoise.

Micro Shape is vintage metal revisited at its finest. The fine wire frames are “extreme vintage” with tiny eyesizes and fine temples that evoke a period movie or the American Revolution. Style No. 1718M is pure Benjamin Franklin updated in a semi-rimless rectangular shape. My personal favorite is Style No. 1716M, a funky little oval with a curly double bridge detail.

The Morel family tradition is carried on in these frames, but with an updated flair. This is the kind of eyewear you’d expect from a mature, yet contemporary-thinking, eyewear company.

Roxanne Armstrong is a licensed optician and owner of Art For Your Face, in McLean, VA.

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